Road Trip

Have you ever been crammed into a car for so long that you would rather be doing anything else? Have you ever been on a timeline getting somewheres and you are worried you won’t make it in time? All these feelings are what you may or may not feel on a road trip. Some road trips are short and others are long. What is the longest road trip you have ever been on and what were the problems and the fun things that happened?

It was 6:30 in the morning and everyone was so tired but excited at the same time or at least I was. My family and my auntie and cousins were coming with us on this road trip. It is a trip that my mom and auntie have done since they were little kids and they wanted us to have the same experience that they got. Every year now in August we got to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC. Usually, we spread out the trip into two days but last year we made the drive in one day. From our house, it was about a 9-hour drive from where we were staying. If you look up how many kilometers it is it doesn’t seem like it would be that long but it is. It takes as long as that because after Calgary you go West and are driving right through the mountains and when you drive through the mountains the speed limit is very slow.

When we had arrived in Calgary we needed to stretch our legs and everyone just needed a break so we went to a mall and just walked around to get the blood flowing and we did some shopping while we were there. Then we had gotten some food and hit the road. When we were leaving Calgary there is a theme park called Calaway Park. I love that place so much because it is just like another fairgrounds so we had made a stop there and we went on rides for about three hours. When we were done that we had to get back on the road because my mom and auntie did not want to drive through the mountains in the dark.

We had arrived in Panorama at 10 pm and Panorama is only like ten minutes from Fairmont and I was so happy that the drive was just about over and that the vacation has started. We had done lots of cool activities like zip-lining up and down a mountain and go-karting and we went to the pool which is so cool. it has a hot tub which looks like a minny mountain and the diving boards are so high up. The coolest thing is the pool is filled with the hot springs in the mountains and they drain the water every single night and it refills itself within a couple of hours. And the coolest part about the trip for me was that I got to go golfing on a PGA golf course in Radium and man is that so cool.

The trip was 8 days long and man it was a blast. All the things like the drive, and all the activities were so fun. But after all of that, it was the end of summer and it was time to go back home and back into routine because less than a week from then I was entering Grade 9 which I was very excited for. That was the longest trip I have ever done by driving.

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