I took a survey for personality, it had at least 40 different questions.  You had to choose either strongly disagree, somewhat disagree, neutral, somewhat agree, and strongly agree. Based on what you chose gave you specific results that fall into these categories: Extroversion or Introversion, Sensing or Intuition, Thinking or Feeling, Judging or Perceiving.  Here are my results:


Ten Commandments and Beatitude connection; How to help the poor and poor in spirit.

Christ created the Beatitudes to His own disciples selectively.  Christ’s disciples received the Beatitudes to teach them to others.  Moses the leader chosen people  who in turn was to give the tablets of the law to the Jews.  Both beatitudes and ten commandments were given to us by God, therefore they are not constructs of human race. Both the beatitudes and ten commandments are enunciated indeed enumerated God is the great mathematician.  Both commandments and beatitudes are specific.  Both the commandments and beatitudes were given to the chosen people.  Both the beatitudes synthesize the essential expectations by God of the two chosen people.  Now, The poor in the Bible basically explains that Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but Whoever is kind to the needy Honors God.  The phrase “poor in spirit” occurs in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and seems to have been an important notion to the Qumran community.

Power is the desire to influence others.

Independence is the desire for self-reliance.

Curiosity is the desire for knowledge.

Acceptance in the desire of inclusion.

Order is the desire for organization.

Saving is the desire to collect things.

Honor is the desire to be loyal to one’s parent and heritage.

Idealism is the desire for social adjustment.

Social Contact is the desire for companionship.

Family is the desire to raise one’s own children.

Status is the desire for social standing.

Vengeance is the desire to get even.

Romance is the desire for sex and beauty.

Eating is the desire to consume food.

Physical Activity is the desire for exercise of muscles.

Tranquility is the desire for emotional calm.

You, your school, your community, and your country can help the poor and the poor in spirit by fundraising, donate, volunteer, and just help other individuals.

My Learning styles

I took a survey for learning styles and it asked a lot of different questions, you had three options and had to put them either first, second, or third based on what you would do.  After you have finished the survey you get to see your results which fall into three different learning styles Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory.  Here are my results- I’m 42% Visual, 32% Auditory, and 26% Kinesthetic.

My blueprint

First we have to out in the activation key and create our account, then select student and grade 9 because we are in grade 9.  After that we have to provide personal info which includes our first name, last name, full birth day optional and then another optional Alberta student number.  Next we have to put in our email then verify our email, put in a password, which language we speak, the school we go to, and agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then select which pictures have store fronts or something like that to prove your not a robot.  Then you’ve made your account and your finished.  Here are some screenshots from creating your account part.