Leaving Home

I graduated school and I’m now off to College; I’m really excited because I’ll finally be able to start more school on the career I want to pursue, I get to be away from home, and I get to meet new people.  I’m a bit nervous though because I will actually have to be an adult, take care of myself, budget so I don’t go broke, stay safe so then I don’t get killed or anything, and I’ll be away from my family.  I’m generally a very nervous person so being by myself for a while away from the safety of my home will be nerve racking but I think if I either live at home and drive to classes or live with roommates I’ll be okay.  Even though I’m nervous; I’m also excited about all the opportunities I’ll be able to experience.  I think everything will turn out alright in the end and I just need to face it all head on with all the pros and cons.

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