Father Mike Schmitz – “How to get Real Friends”

In this 7 minute video, Father Mike Schmitz talks about “How to get Real Friends” and discusses various points to a healthy friendship for you and the other person.  We want to have friendships because we’re built for them and we’re created to be in relationships with one another.  If you want a friendship with another person then as requirements you have to be Available and Vulnerable.  To gain a friendship, trust has to be earned over time for both individuals.   In a relationship, a person can either be Transparant or Vulnerable.  Transparent means you put a shield up for people to look through but you don’t allow them to do anything.  Vulnerable means you allow others to come in so then they can do something although being vulnerable is risky because you’re allowing the other person to influence you.  Throughout the video, Father Mike gives other explanations on How to get Real Friends and have a healthy relationship.

Father Mike Schmitz – “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering”

Father Mike Schmitz talks about “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering”.  He discusses that there are two types of Evil which are Physical Evil ( Death ), and Moral Evil ( Humans ); If there isn’t any Evil then we don’t have Freedom so God gives us the freedom to choose between Good and Evil.  Our suffering isn’t wasted either because God can use our suffering just like we are built to make use of our pain.  We learn, heal, and grow from our pain, grief, and suffering so nothing that happens in our lives are ever wasted.   Throughout the video Father Mike gives other explanations to answering the reason why God allows us to Suffer.