Father Mike Schmitz “Do All Good people go to Heaven?”

Father Mike Schmitz discusses the question  “Do all Good People go to Heaven?” and explains that there are two roads we can take; the Wide road that leads to Destruction and the Narrow Gate that leads to Eternal Life.  We are born with a natural born tendency to be tempted by the road that leads to Destruction but we are also given a choice which will shape our Freedom.  Majority of people believe that most Good People will go to Heaven but Heaven isn’t a prize so to get into Heaven you have to somewhat have a relationship with God.  God wants us but we have to make the choice to choose God.  It’s like a wedding, God wants to invite all of us to his wedding but it’s our decision to go, overall it’s in everyone’s best interest to go but we still have the choice.  We Strive to do what we know is good, to accept God’s invitation, to be the best we can be, and to Strive to go through the Narrow Gate.  No one gets to the Narrow Gate by drifting or with ease, you get there with God’s grace and by doing the will of God.  Throughout the video Father Mike Schmitz discusses other examples for Do All Good People go to Heaven.