Father Mike Schmitz “Do All Good people go to Heaven?”

Father Mike Schmitz discusses the question  “Do all Good People go to Heaven?” and explains that there are two roads we can take; the Wide road that leads to Destruction and the Narrow Gate that leads to Eternal Life.  We are born with a natural born tendency to be tempted by the road that leads to Destruction but we are also given a choice which will shape our Freedom.  Majority of people believe that most Good People will go to Heaven but Heaven isn’t a prize so to get into Heaven you have to somewhat have a relationship with God.  God wants us but we have to make the choice to choose God.  It’s like a wedding, God wants to invite all of us to his wedding but it’s our decision to go, overall it’s in everyone’s best interest to go but we still have the choice.  We Strive to do what we know is good, to accept God’s invitation, to be the best we can be, and to Strive to go through the Narrow Gate.  No one gets to the Narrow Gate by drifting or with ease, you get there with God’s grace and by doing the will of God.  Throughout the video Father Mike Schmitz discusses other examples for Do All Good People go to Heaven.    

Father Mike Schmitz – “How to get Real Friends”

In this 7 minute video, Father Mike Schmitz talks about “How to get Real Friends” and discusses various points to a healthy friendship for you and the other person.  We want to have friendships because we’re built for them and we’re created to be in relationships with one another.  If you want a friendship with another person then as requirements you have to be Available and Vulnerable.  To gain a friendship, trust has to be earned over time for both individuals.   In a relationship, a person can either be Transparant or Vulnerable.  Transparent means you put a shield up for people to look through but you don’t allow them to do anything.  Vulnerable means you allow others to come in so then they can do something although being vulnerable is risky because you’re allowing the other person to influence you.  Throughout the video, Father Mike gives other explanations on How to get Real Friends and have a healthy relationship.

Father Mike Schmitz – “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering”

Father Mike Schmitz talks about “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering”.  He discusses that there are two types of Evil which are Physical Evil ( Death ), and Moral Evil ( Humans ); If there isn’t any Evil then we don’t have Freedom so God gives us the freedom to choose between Good and Evil.  Our suffering isn’t wasted either because God can use our suffering just like we are built to make use of our pain.  We learn, heal, and grow from our pain, grief, and suffering so nothing that happens in our lives are ever wasted.   Throughout the video Father Mike gives other explanations to answering the reason why God allows us to Suffer.


Leaving Home

I graduated school and I’m now off to College; I’m really excited because I’ll finally be able to start more school on the career I want to pursue, I get to be away from home, and I get to meet new people.  I’m a bit nervous though because I will actually have to be an adult, take care of myself, budget so I don’t go broke, stay safe so then I don’t get killed or anything, and I’ll be away from my family.  I’m generally a very nervous person so being by myself for a while away from the safety of my home will be nerve racking but I think if I either live at home and drive to classes or live with roommates I’ll be okay.  Even though I’m nervous; I’m also excited about all the opportunities I’ll be able to experience.  I think everything will turn out alright in the end and I just need to face it all head on with all the pros and cons.

the Rutherford Scholarship

The Rutherford Scholarship is a high school achievement scholarship named in honour to Alexander Rutherford who had the distinction of being Alberta first minister of education and premier.  This scholarship is to reward and recognize academic achievements of senior high students.  You’re only able to obtain the Rutherford scholarship once by passing the course requirements which are, ex: For grade 11 average 75.0% and 79.9% in five courses you can get $500, average 80% or higher you can get $800

My Hobbies

My three main hobbies are listening to music, drawing, and watching anime.

I enjoy drawing because I’m able to express how I’m feeling through drawings, I can let go of any stress, fears, and frustrations through drawing pictures.  drawing can be very time consuming so throughout drawing I enjoy watching anime.  I find anime fascinating because there is a wide variety of genres for it so there can be an anime out there for everyone, there is also a cultural difference so I can see a little bit into what Japanese culture is like.  When I’m not watching anime I’m listening to music, music brings me into a different world where I can just be and exist without any disturbances.

On The Sidewalk Bleeding: Who Am I Assignment

Who am I?

I am Desirae, a human being with many strengths and many weaknesses.  Being a human means that you are a man, woman, or child because of our superior mental development, the power of articulate speech, and upright stance.  In my eyes, I see myself and other people as equals.  Valuing yourself can affect our lives and others in a positive way or in a negative way.  Being a member of a particular group can affect my identity depending on what it is.  The darker side to humanity would have to be the Seven Deadly Sins:       Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, and Pride.  We should all treat others the way we would like to be treated.

The meaning of love is when you have an intense feeling of deep affection.  The good life is a life filled with satisfaction, happiness, freedom, and gives you a sense of purpose but the good life can be very difficult for some people to receive.  happiness is the state of being happy.  Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative.  Anime, Friends, Cartoons, Artists, Movies, Manga, etc… inspires me to draw amazing and creative pictures.  Reason to celebrate as individuals and as communities would be Birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July,  St. Patrick’s Day, etc…

The best way to overcome doubts and fears would be to face them head on with confidence.  Fear and doubts can be advantages because you can learn from them.  In my eyes, it is natural to feel anger and hatred towards something or someone but those feeling will go away eventually.  Sources of strength usually come from fears but if we overcome our fears head on then we can become more powerful and less scared of the world and the people around us.

Happy Camper

What are the typical problems facing teens today?

The common teenage problems that teens face today are usually related to Self-Esteem and Body Image, Stress, Bullying, Depression, Cyber Addiction, Drinking and Smoking, Teen Pregnancy, Underage Sex, Child Abuse, Peer-Pressure, and Competition, Eating Disorders.

What is wrong with saying, “What’s wrong with teens today?”

It’s wrong to say that because you can mean it as a question or mean it as a statement, and your tone of voice can also change the meaning of “What’s wrong with teens today?”

How are you better and brighter than your parent’s generation?

My generation is better and brighter than my parent’s generation because we are exhibiting all sorts of tendencies to independence.

How are the troubled students in more trouble than those of your parent’s generation?

Our parents didn’t have the kind of technology we have today.  Troubled students are in more trouble now because they are exposed to the internet and social media; where people can cyber-bully, body shame, and more.

When did women get to vote in Canada? The U.S.A.?

In 1916 women got to vote in Canada.  In 1920 women got to vote in the U.S.

Have you ever “Left your campsite better than you found it”?

I think I have but I’m not a 100% percent positive if I have actually “Left my campsite better than I found it”.

“Connect the dots.” What does that mean in your school?

At lunch connecting the dots to me means: There are the popular kids in my class, The younger grades, The gamers, The table hockey kids, Gymnasium kids, Higher grades all lined up, Grade 8’s, Student counsel kids, The lone wolves, The teachers, Library kids, and my friends.

How many times could you listen to “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boon?

I can only listen to that song 3 times in a row.

Do you know an adult that believes in you more than you believe in yourself?

My teachers, parents, relatives, a lot of people believe in me more than I believe in myself.

Do you know someone you believe in more than they believe in themselves?

I know a few people that I truly believe in more than they believe in themselves.

What is a “Happy Camper”? How can you spot them?

A Happy Camper is A comfortable, contented person.  You can spot a happy camper by seeing what a person does.  Examples:  Random acts of kindness, Leaving places (home, work, school) better than they found them, Believing in others,  Cheering up other people.

What is the pledge of the “Happy Camper”?

I state your name to hereby take the solum pledge to be a Happy Camper.  And as a Happy Camper, I believe in choices; So if somebody comes up to me and says Hey, how are you doing say Great.  And to birth and death, I`ll make the world better behind me than it is in front of me.  Now let’s say I walk inside that cafeteria and there`s some garbage on the table, I`ll pick up some of it, not going to pick up all of it what am I an idiot? I`ll pick up some of it and do random acts of kindness, I`ll help people find their smile.  And if I do not do these three solum things, pray God to remind me with a big, huge lightning bolt, or a big tornado like in the movie Twister, or with a shape pointy stick.

How will you know you are a “Happy Camper”?

You will know you are a Happy Camper when you’re responsible for your own emotions, Have respect for the world around you, and you will believe provide service, to give instead of taking away, and to help others find their smile.

Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence in the Bible

Set F- Desirae


Luke 5:4-11

When does Peter first begin to understand Jesus?

Peter believes that he is a sinful man but Jesus forgives Peter, which is when Peter starts to understand Jesus more.


Matthew 14:24-33

What does Peter do when he sees Jesus?

Peter leaves the boat, started walking on the water, and goes towards Jesus.  


Matthew 17:1-8

What does Peter suggest in this passage?

Peter Suggests in this passage that he should make three dwellings; one for Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.


John 13:3-10

What does Jesus do? how does Peter respond?

Based on these passages, which of the intelligences does Peter often use to understand and respond to Jesus?

Jesus was going to God, got up from the table, took off his outer robe, and tied a towel around himself.  Then he poured water into the basin to clean the disciples feet and wipe them with the towel that was tied around himself.  Peter responds to Jesus with ‘Lord, are you going to wash my feet.” Peter often uses Bodily-Kinesthetic: Body smart


Commandment of the Church

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commandments_of_the_Church                http://www.beginningcatholic.com/precepts-of-the-catholic-church

1.You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation.                      2.You shall confess your sins at least once a year.                                                      3.You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least once during the Easter season.                                                                                                                              4.You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church.                                                                                                                                              5.You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church

From what I have read in the history of Commandments of the Church attending Sunday Mass and the holy days of obligation is a way of showing and paying respects to God.  Confessing your sins to God is a way to get some weight of your shoulder and a version of closure, by confessing your sins it reassures you the God loves you no matter what you’ve done.  By celebrating the sacrament of the Eucharist; Christians get to show their love and appreciation for God.  Observing the days of fasting and abstinence reminds us that Christian life requires a mortal sin, Spiritual focus, Self- discipline, Imitation of Christ, and performing penance.  Providing the needs of the Church reminds us that Christian life requires a commitment to prayer and active.


  1. You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor.
    We must “sanctify the day commemorating the Resurrection of the Lord” (Sunday), as well as the principal feast days, known as Catholic holy days of obligation. This requires attending Mass, “and by resting from those works and activities which could impede such a sanctification of these days.”
  2. You shall confess your sins at least once a year.
    We must prepare for the Eucharist by means of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). This sacrament “continues Baptism’s work of conversion and forgiveness.”
  3. You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter season.
    This “guarantees as a minimum the reception of the Lord’s Body and Blood in connection with the Paschal feasts, the origin and center of the Christian liturgy.”
  4. You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church.
    “The fourth precept ensures the times of ascesis and penance which prepare us for the liturgical feasts and help us acquire mastery over our instincts and freedom of heart.” See below for more about fasting & abstinence.
  5. You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.
    “The fifth precept means that the faithful are obliged to assist with the material needs of the Church, each according to his own ability.”