My primary motivation factor is achievement. This means that when I do something I want it to count for something or in other words I want to accomplish something. I also like to use my personal set of skills to accomplish something. If I fail something or leave it incomplete it makes me feel unsatisfied inside. I look for situations where I can use my valuable knowledge and skills to show up someone. I’m not a modest person especially towards my friends and other people that I know well. I can be quite boastful.


My secondary motivational factor is relationships. This means that I like to connect emotionally with people. I think one of the most valuable relationship in a person’s life is friends. A good friend can lead you through the good and bad and still be by your side. However you lose and make friends more than often they are not a permanent occupation. This may be due to may different things such as moving, fights, lost interest in something that you were interested in and had nothing in common. I value these relationships

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