6 Differences Visual Comp Assignment

Where I got the original image.


The unaltered image:


Can you spot the difference?


Answer Key

  1. Removed mouse hole
  2. Replaced soccer ball with  a volleyball
  3. Removed spilled coffee
  4. Changed the colour of the desk to match the colour of the dresser
  5. Changed the newspaper to only say new
  6. I created a third disk


  • First of all, I removed the mouse hole. I did this by using the clone tool to copy the line and print it over the bottom of the mouse hole. I then used the colour picker tool to select the colour of the wall I then used the pencil to colour in where the mouse hole once was.  

  • My next step was to replace the soccer ball with a volleyball. My next step was to go to the file menu.

  • I then selected the open as layers. My next step is to select the picture of the volleyball.
  • I then used the scale layer to adjust the size of the volleyball to cover the soccer ball.

  • My next step was to use the paintbrush to colour over the grey lines with black to better match the creator’s design.

  • My next goal was to remove the spilled drink
  • I accomplished this task by using the colour picker tool and then using the pencil to colour over the spill with the brown of the coffee table.

  • My next step is to change the desk to pink. I achieved this by using the bucket fill. After that, I used a pencil to get rid of the green bits left over. When that was done noticed that the lines were too thin and quite noticeable in comparison to the overall picture. So my solution was to go over the lines in black with the paintbrush tool to better match the artist’s style as what I had done for the volleyball.

  • My next step is to once again use the clone tool to replace the words newspaper with just new.

  • My next step is to use the free select tool to select the yellow disk. Then used command c to copy the image to the clipboard. I then dragged and dropped the yellow disk into the layer menu and renamed the layer to New Disk. Next, I used the colour menu to go to colour balance then I adjusted the sliders in the colour balance till I got the desired colour.

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