What is a “Rutherford”

What is “Rutherford”? A Rutherford is a scholarship named after Alexander Rutherford. Alexander Cameron Rutherford was the first Premier of Alberta and the Minister of Education. He was in office from September 2nd, 1905 to May 26th, 1910. The purpose of the Rutherford Scholarship was “to recognize and reward academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.” The reward and encouragement come in the form of a maximum of $2500 dollars. The largest amount that can be obtained from grade 10 is $400. This can be obtained by scoring an 80% average or higher on five courses. In grades 11 and 12, respectfully, $800 and $1300 dollars can be rewarded for scoring an average of 80% or higher on five courses. An important note is that the five courses have to be in grades 11 and 12 levels. Rutherford is an excellent initiative that encourages students to pursue further education by offering benefits by performing well in high school.

Motivations and Hobbies

My top two motivation factors according to myblueprint are relationship and support. Relationship means that I make emotional connections with other people. Support, in essence, is helping people or showing approval through action or words. The three hobbies I participate in are playing video games, fishing and archery. Video games and fishing are the hobbies that most aligns with my motivations. This is because with video games I most often play multiplayer games with my friends. This the opportunity I get to build relationships and support my friends. Often video games are just the activity we choose to do. Just like video games fishing is a hobby that I enjoy doing with friends as well. Fishing can also be relaxing by oneself as well. For me, archery is one of my only hobbies that does not line up with my motivations. However, I still gain satisfaction with plugging a target with arrows.