Leaving Home

I am both excited and nervous about heading off to college. I am excited about meeting new people but I’m also a little nervous about my poor planning and how costly tuition is. There is always a thrill for meeting new people. It is a chance to meet new people and make new friends. In a way, it is refreshing to meet new people. However, I am nervous. This is because I am a procrastinator. This is a fact. My time management skills are severely lacking. This will without a doubt make working and doing well in college academically hard. According to one study of college students, two groups of students were assigned to write three papers. The first group had established due dates spaced throughout the semester; the second could turn them in whenever they wanted. The latter group handed in all their papers at the end of the semester and the quality was poorer.” The good thing about this is that time management skills can be worked on and improved. Although it may not be easy it is possible to do and it is something I need to be actively working on. One method I have used in the past is to create a checklist of what I need to accomplish. A necessary inclusion in this checklist is small frequent breaks. I’m am extremely worried about is the price of tuition. The saying “money doesn’t grow on trees,” is very relevant to this issue. I’m afraid of spending too much on tuition than in the middle decide that I don’t like whatever I’ll be choosing in the future. Since I do not have a concrete decision on what I want to do after school, I’m afraid of wasting my money on something I don’t enjoy partaking in. I’m still excited and nervous about leaving home.