Father Mike #1

Father Mike, “If you have the freedom to be good, you have to have the freedom to be evil. Without the freedom to choose, we actually do not have freedom. We do not have the ability to be great. God has made us to be great.” Do humans have free choice? Yes because God allows us the freedom to choose. This answers one of the primary questions. That is do humans have free choice? We do, that is because we have the freedom to choose between good and evil. “His mercy gives us time and freedom to choose.” Because of this choice evil can exist. However because evil exists so can good. Where there is evil there is suffering.  “All He can give is his spirit and His forgiveness. Jesus does not take away our suffering. He does not take away our pain. He enters into it. He transforms it and redeems it. So that now suffering has power. It has meaning.” 

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