Everyone at some point has had negative self-talk in their live. Negative self-talk is like negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are something that you say to yourself to bring yourself down.  This usually happens after when someone makes a mistake. I will provide an example. Let’s say I absolutely butcher a conversation with someone I just met. Now I could beat myself up about it or I could use my personal mantra. “Everyone stumbles on rough ground. What’s important is to pick yourself up and keep going on.” Two examples of these situations are, I completely miss the ball in volleyball. Another situation is that I bomb a test. Now the two affirmations are, “It’s all right I’m not the first to ever miss a ball. It’s not important. What’s important is to get the next one. It’s fine it is only one test. The next one I’ll study harder for so that I do better.” Mantras are a key element in improving a mindset.

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