Father Mike #2

After watching the video “If you’re not feeling loved” it has been brought to my attention just how much people may love us even though it doesn’t seem like it. Although we may be presented with “clear cut evidence” that they don’t love us this likely isn’t the case. Many people wish to love others in certain ways but for whatever reason, they lack the capacity to do so. Some of these factors could include a distant set of interests or hobbies, lack of ability to connect on a further than physical manner, and potentially they require a further understanding of your true self and can’t quite figure out how you truly are. It is crucial to our mental state to understand this so that we can thus love others back knowing that they are loving us in full capacity. One quote from this video that I wholeheartedly agree with is when Father Mike stated “There are others that we just don’t know how to love in a way that they will receive.” We need to remember this when we are feeling a lack of love from others and that they likely are experiencing the same things that we do when we struggle to love others in a fitting way.



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