Father Mike #3

In marriage there are expectations. Marriages are not always perfect.  In sacramental marriage there are three questions asked by the priest are, “are you here by your own free will and willing to give yourself. Do you intend to be faithful till death? Are you open to children and raising your children in the Church?“ These questions are hard because of expectations. Guided by freedom and fear. Do not want fear in this choice. Unknown to known lose fear. Can not let fear control. Nervousness to be a parent. The freedom I’m getting married to the person I love now I have the freedom to live with them. Not adding another human to a broken world is not a valid reason to not have children. Do not let fear control. “ You can not take a box of rocks and make life.” Mr. Sader. “Children are the point of marriage. Not the extra.”


Father Mike #2

After watching the video “If you’re not feeling loved” it has been brought to my attention just how much people may love us even though it doesn’t seem like it. Although we may be presented with “clear cut evidence” that they don’t love us this likely isn’t the case. Many people wish to love others in certain ways but for whatever reason, they lack the capacity to do so. Some of these factors could include a distant set of interests or hobbies, lack of ability to connect on a further than physical manner, and potentially they require a further understanding of your true self and can’t quite figure out how you truly are. It is crucial to our mental state to understand this so that we can thus love others back knowing that they are loving us in full capacity. One quote from this video that I wholeheartedly agree with is when Father Mike stated “There are others that we just don’t know how to love in a way that they will receive.” We need to remember this when we are feeling a lack of love from others and that they likely are experiencing the same things that we do when we struggle to love others in a fitting way.




Everyone at some point has had negative self-talk in their live. Negative self-talk is like negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are something that you say to yourself to bring yourself down.  This usually happens after when someone makes a mistake. I will provide an example. Let’s say I absolutely butcher a conversation with someone I just met. Now I could beat myself up about it or I could use my personal mantra. “Everyone stumbles on rough ground. What’s important is to pick yourself up and keep going on.” Two examples of these situations are, I completely miss the ball in volleyball. Another situation is that I bomb a test. Now the two affirmations are, “It’s all right I’m not the first to ever miss a ball. It’s not important. What’s important is to get the next one. It’s fine it is only one test. The next one I’ll study harder for so that I do better.” Mantras are a key element in improving a mindset.

Father Mike #1

Father Mike, “If you have the freedom to be good, you have to have the freedom to be evil. Without the freedom to choose, we actually do not have freedom. We do not have the ability to be great. God has made us to be great.” Do humans have free choice? Yes because God allows us the freedom to choose. This answers one of the primary questions. That is do humans have free choice? We do, that is because we have the freedom to choose between good and evil. “His mercy gives us time and freedom to choose.” Because of this choice evil can exist. However because evil exists so can good. Where there is evil there is suffering.  “All He can give is his spirit and His forgiveness. Jesus does not take away our suffering. He does not take away our pain. He enters into it. He transforms it and redeems it. So that now suffering has power. It has meaning.” 

Leaving Home

I am both excited and nervous about heading off to college. I am excited about meeting new people but I’m also a little nervous about my poor planning and how costly tuition is. There is always a thrill for meeting new people. It is a chance to meet new people and make new friends. In a way, it is refreshing to meet new people. However, I am nervous. This is because I am a procrastinator. This is a fact. My time management skills are severely lacking. This will without a doubt make working and doing well in college academically hard. According to one study of college students, two groups of students were assigned to write three papers. The first group had established due dates spaced throughout the semester; the second could turn them in whenever they wanted. The latter group handed in all their papers at the end of the semester and the quality was poorer.” The good thing about this is that time management skills can be worked on and improved. Although it may not be easy it is possible to do and it is something I need to be actively working on. One method I have used in the past is to create a checklist of what I need to accomplish. A necessary inclusion in this checklist is small frequent breaks. I’m am extremely worried about is the price of tuition. The saying “money doesn’t grow on trees,” is very relevant to this issue. I’m afraid of spending too much on tuition than in the middle decide that I don’t like whatever I’ll be choosing in the future. Since I do not have a concrete decision on what I want to do after school, I’m afraid of wasting my money on something I don’t enjoy partaking in. I’m still excited and nervous about leaving home.

What is a “Rutherford”

What is “Rutherford”? A Rutherford is a scholarship named after Alexander Rutherford. Alexander Cameron Rutherford was the first Premier of Alberta and the Minister of Education. He was in office from September 2nd, 1905 to May 26th, 1910. The purpose of the Rutherford Scholarship was “to recognize and reward academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.” The reward and encouragement come in the form of a maximum of $2500 dollars. The largest amount that can be obtained from grade 10 is $400. This can be obtained by scoring an 80% average or higher on five courses. In grades 11 and 12, respectfully, $800 and $1300 dollars can be rewarded for scoring an average of 80% or higher on five courses. An important note is that the five courses have to be in grades 11 and 12 levels. Rutherford is an excellent initiative that encourages students to pursue further education by offering benefits by performing well in high school.

Motivations and Hobbies

My top two motivation factors according to myblueprint are relationship and support. Relationship means that I make emotional connections with other people. Support, in essence, is helping people or showing approval through action or words. The three hobbies I participate in are playing video games, fishing and archery. Video games and fishing are the hobbies that most aligns with my motivations. This is because with video games I most often play multiplayer games with my friends. This the opportunity I get to build relationships and support my friends. Often video games are just the activity we choose to do. Just like video games fishing is a hobby that I enjoy doing with friends as well. Fishing can also be relaxing by oneself as well. For me, archery is one of my only hobbies that does not line up with my motivations. However, I still gain satisfaction with plugging a target with arrows.

Combophoto Visual Comp Assignment

Before photos

Big Ben Link: https://twitter.com/houseofcommons/status/674513752541261824

After photo


Person Hanging Link: http://www.tradeready.ca/2014/trade-takeaways/dont-let-5-political-risks-sink-exports/

My First step was to copy the man by using the free select tool. I then dragged and dropped him into a layer. My next job was to use the free select tool on Big Ben. I then copied it and dragged it into a new layer.

This is what the layers, in the end, should look like.

I then used the clone tool to copy the background of the image where I got the person from. I then used a large brush of the Big Ben to fill in the sides of Big Ben with darker clouds. Afterwards, I used the smudge tool to help the clouds to better blend in. Next, I had to adjust the person’s size via unified transform tool. My next step was to use edit the brightness and contrast so that the person doesn’t stick out as much.



Colour Changer Visual Comp Assignment

Before Image

Link to Original image


After Image

  • The first step in changing the colour is to open up the Colour menu this can be achieved by open the menu by right-clicking then going to the colour menu then selecting hue-saturation. Next, adjust the sliders till the desired colour appears.

6 Differences Visual Comp Assignment

Where I got the original image.


The unaltered image:


Can you spot the difference?


Answer Key

  1. Removed mouse hole
  2. Replaced soccer ball with  a volleyball
  3. Removed spilled coffee
  4. Changed the colour of the desk to match the colour of the dresser
  5. Changed the newspaper to only say new
  6. I created a third disk


  • First of all, I removed the mouse hole. I did this by using the clone tool to copy the line and print it over the bottom of the mouse hole. I then used the colour picker tool to select the colour of the wall I then used the pencil to colour in where the mouse hole once was.  

  • My next step was to replace the soccer ball with a volleyball. My next step was to go to the file menu.

  • I then selected the open as layers. My next step is to select the picture of the volleyball.
  • I then used the scale layer to adjust the size of the volleyball to cover the soccer ball.

  • My next step was to use the paintbrush to colour over the grey lines with black to better match the creator’s design.

  • My next goal was to remove the spilled drink
  • I accomplished this task by using the colour picker tool and then using the pencil to colour over the spill with the brown of the coffee table.

  • My next step is to change the desk to pink. I achieved this by using the bucket fill. After that, I used a pencil to get rid of the green bits left over. When that was done noticed that the lines were too thin and quite noticeable in comparison to the overall picture. So my solution was to go over the lines in black with the paintbrush tool to better match the artist’s style as what I had done for the volleyball.

  • My next step is to once again use the clone tool to replace the words newspaper with just new.

  • My next step is to use the free select tool to select the yellow disk. Then used command c to copy the image to the clipboard. I then dragged and dropped the yellow disk into the layer menu and renamed the layer to New Disk. Next, I used the colour menu to go to colour balance then I adjusted the sliders in the colour balance till I got the desired colour.