Father Joy’s first visit

Today I met the new priest of our Catholic Church. His name is father joy, he will be teaching us about God. Before father Joy came to Vermilion he was in Edmonton working at St. Theresa, Catholic parish. Father Joy is from India, and he moved to Canada in 2017. Kerala is where Father Joy is from. Kerala is the southeast part of India and they have a population of 34.8 million. Now Kerala is a smaller province then Nova Scotia and they almost have the same population as Canada, Kerala is a province in India. Canada has a population of 37.06 million. Now imagine 34.8 million people living in 1 province, that to us would be crazy!

In India, they don’t have a health care system. When you get hurt in India you have to pay, and let me tell you it would be pretty expensive if we had to pay every time someone needed to go to the hospital. Father Joy’s sister always knew his dream of becoming a priest, and she always encouraged him to pursue that dream. Father Joy’s sister is a nun. If you don’t know what a nun is it is, a member of a religious community of women, especially a cloistered one, living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Fathers sister is a Pediatrics nurse. A pediatric nurse works with young kids.

In India, you have to pay for your education. You have to pay for your education because India is not a wealthy country and that is how they make some of there money. Father will be a great leader and will teach lots of us on how do be a better Christian. I can’t what to get to know him better.


I have many motivations as I am deciding what to do with my life. I have many achievements and I would love to have many more in time to come.  I am a very hard worker, I have to work hard to have success. When I am achieving a goal of mine I look at some of the good things I have done so far. I look for many opportunities in my life to be achieving a goal of mine.  One of my goals is getting good grades in school. Now I don’t need 90 but a good grade to me is in the ’70s. I try very hard in school and the hard work seems to be paying off which in my books is an accomplishment.

I like to be independent a lot of the time. To me, if I am independent that means I am doing the work my self or tasks my self and the result is all on me whether good or bad. If I’m having everyone else but myself do the work, really the final result is not mine. If you want something it’s up to you to get it, not your friends or anyone else but you. If I am independent I feel good when I accomplish a task because it feels like a belong what I have just done.

I am a person who wants to be nice to everyone and try to be friends. If I see someone that is upset I feel bad for them and ask if they need help or if they’re okay. Many people in today’s society are not more caring for others and only have respect for themselves. I like helping others if they are having a hard time and hanging with friends. I try to cooperate with all of my peers so we can get to know each other better.

I am a person who uses tools that they are given so they have a better chance of success. I like when someone is there to help me so I can do better and they guide me and teach me tricks on how to solve or accomplish a task. I have teachers and parents who support me well I am going through a hard time or having a hard time doing an activity or homework they are always there to pull me back up on my feet. Which is a great motivation to try and never give up.


I have a great understanding of what profession I would like to join, it would be Education or a Fitness trainer. I think I would be good in that profession because I love sports, and always being active. I may not be the best in the four core subjects but I am really strong in Gym, which is why I think I would excellent in Physical Education. From what I know about my self now and what I want my life to be in the future is to help young kids to get better and their sporting skills so I can help them get to the next level. Sports when your young are simple but as you get older they become more complex. When your older you as a player is to know your opponent’s weaknesses and their skills so in a way you need to study your opponents. As your playing the game you need to be thinking if it comes to me what am I going to do with it. I strongly believe that I would be.

To be a Gym teacher or a Fitness trainer you need to be in shape. To be in shape it doesn’t just mean eat healthy foods, it means to eat healthily and run, lift weights, be active. As someone in the physical health profession, you can’t be afraid to push your students or tell them they need to work harder. I can tell you I wouldn’t have a problem telling someone they need to be more active because if they don’t you good have problems down the road.

Business is not for everyone. You have to do what is best for your business, you have to think is this going to help the company in the long run. Well ask youe self a question, are you making a profit from it? Now I am not talking about right when you buy something, but will it make you more money then what you paid for it. Well, the answer to that question is probably yes. The reason it will make you money is that the value in it will go up which means when the value goes up things become more expensive when things become more expensive that means you can sell them for a higher price then what you originally paid for it.

In business, you have to be smart with your money. You have to do your research and see if what you are going to buy is going to make you money or if it’s going to cost you. Now a good investment is land. The reason land is a good investment is because every year prices are going up. Now if you own a lot of land and don’t want to farm it anymore you don’t have to but don’t sell it that is the worst thing you could do. My opinion to you would be rent it out because that way your still making money off the people who are renting it. This is why I think I would be good in both of these professions.

The Ten Commandments

1. I am the LORD your God:
you shall not have
strange Gods before me.

Only have 1 true God in your life.

2. You shall not take
the name of the LORD your God in vain.

You shall be careful about how you use Gods name.

3. Remember to keep holy the LORD’S Day.

You shall not forget the lords day.

4. Honor your father and your mother.

You shall not yell our swear at your mother and father.

5. You shall not kill.

You shall preserve others lives.

6. You shall not commit adultery.

You shall respect your peers.

7. You shall not steal.

You shall respect peoples belongings.

8. You shall not bear false witness
against your neighbor.

Making false accusations about your neighbors is wrong.

9. You shall not covet
your neighbor’s wife

Respect your neighbor’s marriage.

10. You shall not covet
your neighbor’s goods.

You shall respect your neighbor’s items.


I have lots of different things I enjoy to do. I love playing sports such as hockey, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Lot’s of people that know me might think I just like sports but I have lots of other interests. Every summer my whole family goes on a fishing trip in northern Saskatchewan, and let me tell you we have a blast. We are away from 5 days when we going fishing and we sleep in a cabin, 10 people in 1 cabin! Now I love spending time with my friends usually when I am with my friends I like playing sports with them. Sports is a huge part of my life because it helps me calm down if I’m mad. I enjoy playing board games with my family we have some pretty good laughs. Those are my interests.

10 Commandment

God says to help the poor. There are lots of ways to help the poor, and people in today society don’t give up enough to help the poor.  People who are wealthy can give money to the poor which is good but money sometimes is not quite enough. The poor are not just looking for the money, they need support. Instead of giving the poor money volunteer at a soup kitchen show them that you care. As Luke says the poor have done there suffering they will get into heaven but people that are wealthy they have to do more then what they think, help the poor. Even if you can’t help the poor be there to comfort them. Each month our students at ST. Jeromes should donate 2 dollars and we could give that to the poor or hold a supper once a year to help the people who are hungry. Our community could drive around and over to feed the poor. Our Country should help the poor get help because some of them can’t effort to get help or have a mental illness and don’t think they need help.


So my personality. Well, I like to joke around a lot and always love having fun, but that is not my whole personality. I’m a person who doesn’t like to put things off. I like to get my work done and when the work is done then that is when I like to have fun. I am a very honest person I do not like to lie, I am not good at lying. I am a really good listener.

My Learning Styles

I like to learn through experiments and hands-on work. The reason I like learning doing projects and doing examples is that you can see how it is done and then I can practice other examples, and then within a few days, I will start to feel comfortable doing it all on my own. I also like taking notes because then when it is time for a test you have notes to read and work to do to help you prepare for the exam. I also like when teachers give me booklets throughout the chapter. The reason why I think booklets are good is that if I forget something from the beginning of the chapter I can go back and look at some examples of how to do to it. That is how I like to learn.