10 Commandment

God says to help the poor. There are lots of ways to help the poor, and people in today society don’t give up enough to help the poor.  People who are wealthy can give money to the poor which is good but money sometimes is not quite enough. The poor are not just looking for the money, they need support. Instead of giving the poor money volunteer at a soup kitchen show them that you care. As Luke says the poor have done there suffering they will get into heaven but people that are wealthy they have to do more then what they think, help the poor. Even if you can’t help the poor be there to comfort them. Each month our students at ST. Jeromes should donate 2 dollars and we could give that to the poor or hold a supper once a year to help the people who are hungry. Our community could drive around and over to feed the poor. Our Country should help the poor get help because some of them can’t effort to get help or have a mental illness and don’t think they need help.

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