I have many motivations as I am deciding what to do with my life. I have many achievements and I would love to have many more in time to come.  I am a very hard worker, I have to work hard to have success. When I am achieving a goal of mine I look at some of the good things I have done so far. I look for many opportunities in my life to be achieving a goal of mine.  One of my goals is getting good grades in school. Now I don’t need 90 but a good grade to me is in the ’70s. I try very hard in school and the hard work seems to be paying off which in my books is an accomplishment.

I like to be independent a lot of the time. To me, if I am independent that means I am doing the work my self or tasks my self and the result is all on me whether good or bad. If I’m having everyone else but myself do the work, really the final result is not mine. If you want something it’s up to you to get it, not your friends or anyone else but you. If I am independent I feel good when I accomplish a task because it feels like a belong what I have just done.

I am a person who wants to be nice to everyone and try to be friends. If I see someone that is upset I feel bad for them and ask if they need help or if they’re okay. Many people in today’s society are not more caring for others and only have respect for themselves. I like helping others if they are having a hard time and hanging with friends. I try to cooperate with all of my peers so we can get to know each other better.

I am a person who uses tools that they are given so they have a better chance of success. I like when someone is there to help me so I can do better and they guide me and teach me tricks on how to solve or accomplish a task. I have teachers and parents who support me well I am going through a hard time or having a hard time doing an activity or homework they are always there to pull me back up on my feet. Which is a great motivation to try and never give up.

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