Father Joy’s first visit

Today I met the new priest of our Catholic Church. His name is father joy, he will be teaching us about God. Before father Joy came to Vermilion he was in Edmonton working at St. Theresa, Catholic parish. Father Joy is from India, and he moved to Canada in 2017. Kerala is where Father Joy is from. Kerala is the southeast part of India and they have a population of 34.8 million. Now Kerala is a smaller province then Nova Scotia and they almost have the same population as Canada, Kerala is a province in India. Canada has a population of 37.06 million. Now imagine 34.8 million people living in 1 province, that to us would be crazy!

In India, they don’t have a health care system. When you get hurt in India you have to pay, and let me tell you it would be pretty expensive if we had to pay every time someone needed to go to the hospital. Father Joy’s sister always knew his dream of becoming a priest, and she always encouraged him to pursue that dream. Father Joy’s sister is a nun. If you don’t know what a nun is it is, a member of a religious community of women, especially a cloistered one, living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Fathers sister is a Pediatrics nurse. A pediatric nurse works with young kids.

In India, you have to pay for your education. You have to pay for your education because India is not a wealthy country and that is how they make some of there money. Father will be a great leader and will teach lots of us on how do be a better Christian. I can’t what to get to know him better.

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