Commandments of the Church

If your a member of the Church there are some commandments that the Church encourages you to follow. Number 1 being, You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days and rest from servile labor. Holydays in the Church means that you are expected to go to Church. Also, take a rest from work and recreation according to the third commandment.

When your apart of the Church they say that you shall confess your sins. What that means is you go to confession. Confession is where you go to the Church and tell the priest your sins or what you’ve done wrong. Confession is not a bad thing and the reason for confession is because the Lord can forgive and the priest blesses you so you’re forgiven.

The 3rd Church commandment is you shall receive the Eucharist at list once during the Easter season. The Eucharist is when the priest blesses the wine and the bread that you receive when you go to Church.  For a person to be eligible to receive the body and blood of Christ, you have to have your first communion. The reason you should take it during the Easter holiday is that our Father God sacrificed his life for us on the cross. That is why it is so important to take the Eucharist during the Easter season.

During the holidays in the Church your required to fast. Fasting is where you give up food and water for a few days or 24 hours. The Church requires fasting because Jesus had to live in the desert for 40 days without food and water.

The last commandment of the Church is you shall help provide for the needs of the Church. This means the members of the Church are obliged to help prepare the material for the ceremony or for the mess. These are the 5 commandments of the Church and they are all very important.

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