The Awful Burden Of The Unsolved Riddles of Existence

This topic of Awful Burden Unsolved Riddles will never be solved. The reason I came to this conclusion is that every time you think you have solved it there is another thing you need to figure out to move on,  and it keeps doing that which makes it feel like your just going in circles, not moving any closer to figuring it out.  As humans we question everything, and sometimes there is not a correct answer.  The reason there is not an answer to everything is that people can have a different answer to the same question.

My question to you is, Who is the greatest Hockey player of all time? My opinion on this question would be Connor Mcdavid. Connor Mcdavid in my mind is the greatest hockey player of all time. My reasoning for this theory is because at such a young age he was showing great skills in the NHL. Connor is one, if not the fasted skater the NHL has ever seen. Connor Mcdavid is the whole package. Others might have a different opinion on who they might believe is the best. See how there cannot be a correct answer because everyone will not think Connor Mcdavid is the best.

Every Riddle must have a question to it. Who is the evilest man in history? I believe that Hitler is the evilest man in history. Now you might ask, why do you think that. Hitler made some decisions that I’m pretty sure we would all disagree with. The decision he made was to kill all Jewish people. The reason Hitler did that was that he wanted to take control of the world. Hitler was the reason World War II started. He was a cruel man, killing people who did nothing wrong, that is wrong and plane out cruel.

Who made a difference in athletic sports? The mam I would choose would be Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was a professional baseball player that made a difference. Jackie Robinson made a difference because he was the first African American to play Profesional baseball. In case you don’t know what African Americans is it means you are Black. Back in the day people didn’t have any respect for the black people and they were racist. Racist means you make comments or make fun of someone for there color. People can agree or disagree with me but in this case, there is no correct answer.

The reason I chose they’s questions is that they really make you think. Like I said earlier you can agree or disagree because there is no correct answer and that is a good thing. You might think well how can that be good, well if there is no correct answer there will be no arguing on who is right because both answers are correct. These kinda questions are tricky ones because they never stop once you find something about it and you think you have got the answer you have just realized there is more to it. Those are my truth questions and my opinions on them, feel free to have your own.