Identify A Good Read

Identifying a good read takes more than just reading it and saying you liked it. It needs to grab your intention and you should have an interest in the topic you’re reading. You should be able to give facts on why it is good reading and what drew you into liking it. My topic that drew my attention was The man who was 42 years of age and wanted to play in the NBA as a rookie. He would train his butt off in the gym just so he could compete with the younger guys all striving for the same goal. The 42-year-old man is 6’8 and weighs 335 pounds. Know you don’t have to know basketball but that is a huge man for any sport. The 42-year-old man would make a great 4 or 5 because he is so big. playing in the NBA as a rookie isn’t key because most guys have been playing since they were 18 or 19 years old and they are ending their career at an average of 40 years old so those guys have been playing for 20 years or so and he is just starting his career in his 40 that would be a hard thing because you would have to work triple amount and put in more time in the Gym. 42 would be hard because by then you would already have a family and it would be a huge change if he were just to leave for long periods at a time because he has been there the kid’s whole life. Being 42 and just starting your career would be hard on your body because of most Allstars in the NBA their bodies start to slow down between the ages of 35-40 and most have retired and 40 has I told you earlier. Being 42 would be hard but certainly not impossible, yes you would need to work way harder than anyone on the team just to be able to keep up with them but certainly not impossible. I would have to say I would support this man who wants to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA has a rookie at 42. In my opinion that would take a lot because you would have people criticizing you and judging but you can’t let that get to you, you just would have to play your game and pull yourself back up because most will not support this decision but it is a freedom and you have the choice to live the life you want to live. That is my opinion on this topic of the 42-year-old man who wants to pursue his dream and play in the NBA I am for it and I hope you’re too.

Time Travel

Time travel would be an incredible invention. Time travel would help us to go back and fix the mistakes of our history in this world. Time travel would help and teach us social studies and you might be saying well how does time travel have anything to do with social, but it does because when we learn about what these people did back then we could time travel back and see what it was like and the conditions they had to survive in. I would use time travel to go one vacation whenever because it would be free and you go be there within 10 seconds. The fortunate thing about the usage of time travel would be when your late and you need to get somewhere quick with outputting anyone else in danger, you could us time travel.

If time travel was an invention I think the first thing I would do would be to go back and fix all the mistakes of people spreading disease and make sure that doesn’t happen because it is not right to hurt people that have not done anything to you like for example when Hitler decided to gas all the jews I would go back and change is mind and raise him to be a better person because violence is not the solution to solving issue that just makes it worst.

Let’s say when it gets really cold in Canda I would time travel to someplace warm laying on a beach or laying in the sun somewhere in the united states like for example Hawaii. Hawaii I would time travel to the lot’s because you could go surfing and if you were to get hurt you could time travel back to before you got hurt, and you wouldn’t make the same mistake. I would travel to lots of cool places don’t you think that would be fun?

If I had the power to make time travel a real thing I would. I would make it so we could go back so like if you were sick you could go back to when you were younger and live the same or different life so you could not regret things you never did because you can go back and do those things, you would never have to lose the people you love. We could eve go back to the birth of Christ and witness the wonder of greatness and see the great things you did for us and how much Jesus himself loved us.

If I could make time travel I would go back to history, go on vacations, and stop people from dying those are my thoughts on what I would do first because those are all good and fun things to do like going on vacation whenever you want, don’t you just wish time travel was really well let me tell you I do and you should too.


If I could Teleportate right this moment I would like to be in Phoenix Arizona. The reason I would want to be there right this moment is that the weather is much better, and we get 7-10 days of not being in school. The second place I would like to be in Hawaii. I would like to be in Hawaii because of the weather and sitting on the beach and exploring new things like surfing, or scuba diving. The third-place I would like to be is in Disneyland with my family. Ever 5 years or so our whole family takes a trip to Disneyland and we have the times of our lives there.

Phoenix Arizona is such a nice area, it is clean and all ages enjoy being there. When I go to Arizona I stay at my grandparent’s house, it is about 10 minutes away from Florence and they live in Anthem. Anthem is a town in Arizona and it is a very large town with lots of activities to do.  The last time we went to Arizona we went to an NBA game and it was awesome the music was blaring and the fans are crazy its awesome, near our grandparents house there is a community pool and they have hoops in the pool so you can play basketball it is so much fun there and the weather is like in the ’30s so it is just a blast and sucks when we have to come home.

The second place I would want to be is in Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii and I don’t know which island I would want to go to, throughout my life I would like to travel to all the islands. Being in Hawaii would be so much fun because they have activities that we cannot do here in Canada, we can go exploring the island and see animals and different plants that we can not see in Canada. Another fun thing would to be able to go surfing you would feel free just riding that wave. The weather would be so nice just laying on the beach.

The third-place I would like to go to is Disneyland because the weather is nice and the rides there is so much fun and there are like 1000 rides there and they never get old. Disneyland is a great place to spend time with your family and my family we go every 5 years or so and we go for like 10 days and it is so much fun. We go to the beach one day and the Disneyland experience is awesome and so magical.

All of these places would be so much fun to go to and when I get older I think I would want to travel the world and get see all of the cool things that this world has and I would love to go to all of these places with my family and have the times of our lives.

Three Songs

The question is what are the Three Songs you don’t get tired of listening to. My three songs are by the same group of guys, they are an older band but they made some great music, lots of people would agree that people love their music just as much as when it came out. My three songs are kickstarted my heart, Same old situation, and Girls, Girls, Girls. These songs are not bad songs, and what I mean by that is they are clean songs that you and your family can listen to together.

Kickstarted my heart was recorded in 1988-89 and was released in 89. Kickstarted my hart was a popular hit back then, and now. Most people find Motley Crue very energetic music like it can get you going. It could be listened to before a hockey game or any sport because lots of kids like it and it can be a pump-up song.

The other song I really enjoy listening to is called Same old Situation. This was also a song by Motley Crue and was a big it but not for the same reasons has some of there other songs. This song is more of a releasing song and it is a great song to sing on the road with your family or with a team you are apart of. This song was recorded in 89 and the Genre of this song is Glam metal.

One of my favorite songs made by Motley Crue is Girls, Girls, Girls. This song was recorded in 1987 which was before some of the other songs a enjoy. The genre of this great song is rock, this song is also more of an upbeat song that people could enjoy singing with there family’s and friends this song was also a big hit like any of there songs because they were a very famous group of guys and could really play good.

These are the three songs that I don’t get tired of listening to because they are older and I enjoy the older kinda rock, Motley Crue is a great band and they were awesome but I’m not saying I agree with there life choices because I don’t but they sure knew how to make some noise. I am pretty sure most would agree that they were some of the best if not the best in their era.

Top Poems

All of these poems have a great message to tell but my top 2 would be Annabel Lee and In Flanders Fields. The reason those two are my favorite is that they are telling sacrifice messages and I am so glad for the soldiers that gave up their lives for us.