Three Songs

The question is what are the Three Songs you don’t get tired of listening to. My three songs are by the same group of guys, they are an older band but they made some great music, lots of people would agree that people love their music just as much as when it came out. My three songs are kickstarted my heart, Same old situation, and Girls, Girls, Girls. These songs are not bad songs, and what I mean by that is they are clean songs that you and your family can listen to together.

Kickstarted my heart was recorded in 1988-89 and was released in 89. Kickstarted my hart was a popular hit back then, and now. Most people find Motley Crue very energetic music like it can get you going. It could be listened to before a hockey game or any sport because lots of kids like it and it can be a pump-up song.

The other song I really enjoy listening to is called Same old Situation. This was also a song by Motley Crue and was a big it but not for the same reasons has some of there other songs. This song is more of a releasing song and it is a great song to sing on the road with your family or with a team you are apart of. This song was recorded in 89 and the Genre of this song is Glam metal.

One of my favorite songs made by Motley Crue is Girls, Girls, Girls. This song was recorded in 1987 which was before some of the other songs a enjoy. The genre of this great song is rock, this song is also more of an upbeat song that people could enjoy singing with there family’s and friends this song was also a big hit like any of there songs because they were a very famous group of guys and could really play good.

These are the three songs that I don’t get tired of listening to because they are older and I enjoy the older kinda rock, Motley Crue is a great band and they were awesome but I’m not saying I agree with there life choices because I don’t but they sure knew how to make some noise. I am pretty sure most would agree that they were some of the best if not the best in their era.

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