If I could Teleportate right this moment I would like to be in Phoenix Arizona. The reason I would want to be there right this moment is that the weather is much better, and we get 7-10 days of not being in school. The second place I would like to be in Hawaii. I would like to be in Hawaii because of the weather and sitting on the beach and exploring new things like surfing, or scuba diving. The third-place I would like to be is in Disneyland with my family. Ever 5 years or so our whole family takes a trip to Disneyland and we have the times of our lives there.

Phoenix Arizona is such a nice area, it is clean and all ages enjoy being there. When I go to Arizona I stay at my grandparent’s house, it is about 10 minutes away from Florence and they live in Anthem. Anthem is a town in Arizona and it is a very large town with lots of activities to do.  The last time we went to Arizona we went to an NBA game and it was awesome the music was blaring and the fans are crazy its awesome, near our grandparents house there is a community pool and they have hoops in the pool so you can play basketball it is so much fun there and the weather is like in the ’30s so it is just a blast and sucks when we have to come home.

The second place I would want to be is in Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii and I don’t know which island I would want to go to, throughout my life I would like to travel to all the islands. Being in Hawaii would be so much fun because they have activities that we cannot do here in Canada, we can go exploring the island and see animals and different plants that we can not see in Canada. Another fun thing would to be able to go surfing you would feel free just riding that wave. The weather would be so nice just laying on the beach.

The third-place I would like to go to is Disneyland because the weather is nice and the rides there is so much fun and there are like 1000 rides there and they never get old. Disneyland is a great place to spend time with your family and my family we go every 5 years or so and we go for like 10 days and it is so much fun. We go to the beach one day and the Disneyland experience is awesome and so magical.

All of these places would be so much fun to go to and when I get older I think I would want to travel the world and get see all of the cool things that this world has and I would love to go to all of these places with my family and have the times of our lives.

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