Time Travel

Time travel would be an incredible invention. Time travel would help us to go back and fix the mistakes of our history in this world. Time travel would help and teach us social studies and you might be saying well how does time travel have anything to do with social, but it does because when we learn about what these people did back then we could time travel back and see what it was like and the conditions they had to survive in. I would use time travel to go one vacation whenever because it would be free and you go be there within 10 seconds. The fortunate thing about the usage of time travel would be when your late and you need to get somewhere quick with outputting anyone else in danger, you could us time travel.

If time travel was an invention I think the first thing I would do would be to go back and fix all the mistakes of people spreading disease and make sure that doesn’t happen because it is not right to hurt people that have not done anything to you like for example when Hitler decided to gas all the jews I would go back and change is mind and raise him to be a better person because violence is not the solution to solving issue that just makes it worst.

Let’s say when it gets really cold in Canda I would time travel to someplace warm laying on a beach or laying in the sun somewhere in the united states like for example Hawaii. Hawaii I would time travel to the lot’s because you could go surfing and if you were to get hurt you could time travel back to before you got hurt, and you wouldn’t make the same mistake. I would travel to lots of cool places don’t you think that would be fun?

If I had the power to make time travel a real thing I would. I would make it so we could go back so like if you were sick you could go back to when you were younger and live the same or different life so you could not regret things you never did because you can go back and do those things, you would never have to lose the people you love. We could eve go back to the birth of Christ and witness the wonder of greatness and see the great things you did for us and how much Jesus himself loved us.

If I could make time travel I would go back to history, go on vacations, and stop people from dying those are my thoughts on what I would do first because those are all good and fun things to do like going on vacation whenever you want, don’t you just wish time travel was really well let me tell you I do and you should too.

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