Identify A Good Read

Identifying a good read takes more than just reading it and saying you liked it. It needs to grab your intention and you should have an interest in the topic you’re reading. You should be able to give facts on why it is good reading and what drew you into liking it. My topic that drew my attention was The man who was 42 years of age and wanted to play in the NBA as a rookie. He would train his butt off in the gym just so he could compete with the younger guys all striving for the same goal. The 42-year-old man is 6’8 and weighs 335 pounds. Know you don’t have to know basketball but that is a huge man for any sport. The 42-year-old man would make a great 4 or 5 because he is so big. playing in the NBA as a rookie isn’t key because most guys have been playing since they were 18 or 19 years old and they are ending their career at an average of 40 years old so those guys have been playing for 20 years or so and he is just starting his career in his 40 that would be a hard thing because you would have to work triple amount and put in more time in the Gym. 42 would be hard because by then you would already have a family and it would be a huge change if he were just to leave for long periods at a time because he has been there the kid’s whole life. Being 42 and just starting your career would be hard on your body because of most Allstars in the NBA their bodies start to slow down between the ages of 35-40 and most have retired and 40 has I told you earlier. Being 42 would be hard but certainly not impossible, yes you would need to work way harder than anyone on the team just to be able to keep up with them but certainly not impossible. I would have to say I would support this man who wants to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA has a rookie at 42. In my opinion that would take a lot because you would have people criticizing you and judging but you can’t let that get to you, you just would have to play your game and pull yourself back up because most will not support this decision but it is a freedom and you have the choice to live the life you want to live. That is my opinion on this topic of the 42-year-old man who wants to pursue his dream and play in the NBA I am for it and I hope you’re too.

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