Rosiness or Gloomy Grey

Rosiness or Gloomy grey? The choice is yours. Do you want to enjoy your life to the fullest or live your life in the shadows with regret? I personally find rosiness much more suitable to my life. I am a human being who would rather spend their life enjoying every moment and treasure the special moments, rather than living in the shadows and being upset and regretting the things I never did. You might be asking what I ‘m meaning when I say rosiness, some examples would be, I would like to be happy, have less stress, Enjoy your days to the fullest, how fortunate I am that my health is good and I have a roof over my head. When someone says rosiness I think of a colorful life that is full of adventure rather then Gloomy grey which is a dark path and living in the shadows. I want to look at the bright sight rather than dwelling over the worst and possible things that could have happened.

Wouldn’t you rather choose to look on the bright side? Well, I would. Living in sorrow and always thinking the worst isn’t good for you or your health. If you’re to live in a Gloomy Dark world you are going to have lots of stress and frustrations and other factors that will not be good for you. Rosiness brings joy that will benefit you through your lifetime. You will not be stressing over some issues which will be good for your mental health because some can’t take a lot of pressure and that is ok. I am not saying that there won’t be frustration or stress if you decide to look on the bright side but you will move on and won’t dwell over the things that are going to affect you. Living in the dark will not get you anywhere in life. Life is a battle that we have to strive for and speak up if we want to do something about it. Rosiness will allow people to voice their concerns and their beliefs, which is a good thing because that means there are people that really care about what is going on.

Rosiness can mean not to think about what is going to happen in the future. If you think about where you’re going to be 10 years from now you will worry because you don’t know what the big man has in store for you and you need to take life as it comes and live it to it’s fullest. Try to just focus on what is happening in that moment and be thankful that you have chosen a path that allows you to be happy and less stressed, which will bring you more peace.

One thing that is hard for us to do is to take a moment to think about all the things we have, and all the things we could have if we live life to the fullest. One thing I would like to say is if your not getting something you want to be fortunate that you still have food, water and a roof over your head because some don’t and they can’t look on the bright side because they think that they had nothing more but if you put your best afford I promise it will pay off.

One thing I have got from this is to start looking on the bright side rather then just thinking the worst, because if you are just going to think the worst well let me tell you life is going to be hard and stressful because your not looking at all the possible things that could happen. I hope you have decided which way you want your life to be and I hope you all choose the rosiness because it will lead to a better tomorrow, so I ask again which one Rosiness or Gloomy grey the decision is all yours.

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