Car Of My Dreams

If I were given the opportunity to choose any car in the world I would choose a Chevy Silverado 1500, 2015. I would add things to the truck like subs and rims, tint, I would want my truck to have everything I want inside it because it is my dream car. This truck would allow me to be able to so so many things like pull trailers and other things like that. I would want 2 colors back and white. Now you might be saying why white but white is surprisingly easy to keep clean and white looks good for you your going to do things for your truck like add rims and tint. I would have to say the same about black because it would look nice and well I would like my dream car to look nice.

I think having a black or white truck would be important too, the reason it would be important is that those are some of my favorite colors and red and blue just aren’t my color for a truck. I would want it to be able to seat 5 people because If your friends or family need a ride you have enough room for them. I would also want to have a box cover so when it is raining or snowing out my hockey gear or baseball gear won’t be soaking wet. There is one advantage to having a single cab and that is usually a longer box that you could put a box cover and that would be fine but not for the seating room.

A Chevy Silverado 1500 is a good truck for multiple things for pulling cattle or a camper behind the truck is important because your gonna want to go camping with friends and family. Having a truck during winter would also be important to me because if the roads are bad the truck is higher off the ground so easier visual and weighs for on the road so you will not be sliding all over the place.

If I were to have a Chevy Silverado and would want black or chrome rims because those two rims look the best when you customize your truck. I would want subs and loud with lots of the base because I love music that is loud and has a base on it because it just makes the song so much better. I would also maybe stock the truck because stock trucks are sweet and I would straight pipe my truck to make it louder and sound better, I would want it to be a gas truck because diesel is so much more expensive and aren’t;t has good as gas trucks because gas trucks van hold more and don’t burn as much fuel.

If I had to pick I dream truck this would be the one I would choose, ripping around with the boys and having everything I need to make it perfect so I can drive it as long as possible, I would want to keep the truck when it’s time for a new one because It would bring memories because I would have put so much afford into making it perfect.

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