Dream House

Dream House, if someone were to ask me what my dream house would look like I would probably say 4 story house with a bathroom on every floor with walk-in closets in everyone’s room and everyone has a 75-inch tv and an Xbox or ps4. I would want a fireplace so around the holidays we can start a fire and sit around it eating Christmas cookies and drinking hor chocolate. I would want a hockey rink outdoors and a ball diamond in my yard. One other thing is I would want a huge yard so we could do all the activities in my yard. In my house, I would want a movie theatre so we can watch a movie and just have a good time. If I had to choose a dream house these would be some of the activities that I would make sure are in my house so we can enjoy every minute of or life, also I would put a zip line in my yard and make an elevator and slide that takes you downstairs. Everyone will have a king-size bed so they never grow out of it they just wore it out and we have to get a new one. This is what my dream house would look like and every kid gets to choose the vehicle they drive. Doesn’t this just sound like the best place to live well I think so and I hope you do to?

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