A Hero’s Journey

The movie that interests me that follows the hero journey guideline is Hacksaw Ridge. Hacksaw Ridge is a movie about war and the Americans are fighting the Japanese on Hacksaw ridge. When the war had begun all of Desmond Doss’s friends signed up, he was a Catholic boy that didn’t believe in killing but did believe in saving lives and that is what he wanted to do to serve for the country of United Staes.

Desmond Doss was a very young man when he decided to join the army, his dad was a man who served and Desmond seen how messed up he was when he came home. Desmond didn’t want to kill, well actually he refused to kill nor would he hold a gun. Desmond was a very religious man and told the army that he couldn’t work on is sabbath day. A sabbath is Sunday when your not supposed to work just hang low and bond with the family and pray.

I couldn’t say I would want to do what Desmond Doss did, he fought in the war with no gun. Now you might be saying well that is just not right and if he doesn’t want to kill then why did he sign up. Desmond signed up in the Military as a medic which means he would be saving people not killing. As a medic in the army, you have to go out on the battlefield while they are shooting at you and go save the man that is serving with you because as a medic it is your job to save them. Now if you ask me I think that shows great bravery and I don’t think I could ever do what he did.

Desmond was a very committed man. When he promised he didn’t need a gun he didn’t lie. When the Americans are bombing the place because the Japanese have started to push then off Hacksaw ridge they would get down and the ships would bomb the place so the Japanese would back off.  When the Americans were bombing the place Desmond stayed up there and was helping the soldiers that were hurt well the Japanese were up there and he was the only healthy American soldier.  He saved over 75 soldiers without a gun and when he was saving them the Japanese spotted him and they started shooting at him and he just kept on. He also threw himself in front of a bomb and saved many of the soldiers and they ended up winning the war after what he did.

Desmond was a great human being and was very much respected by almost everyone because of what he did and how he did it. Desmond after the war went home after he threw himself in front of a bomb and they ended up winning the war, when he got home they took good care of him and he went on to live a good life and he passed away on March 23,2006 and he will be missed very much and is an amazing role model and hero.



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