It was the first day back at school. All the kids were running in with smiles on there faces ready to start the year on a good note. There was a group of boys that had been friends since kindergarten and now we’re headed into Grade 8. There were 4 boys in the friend group and their names were Jake, Reid, John, and Ryan. The boys were excited to be back because then they can see each other every day. The boys were standing by there lockers and the principle made an enactment saying that there was a new grade 8 teacher so report to the grade 8 room and meet your new teacher.  So the boys headed to meet there new teacher.

The boys entered the room and looked and they were surprised. The new teacher was 6.5 and he had to of weight 280 pounds, Jake asked the new teacher what happened to Mr.Soil, the new teacher looked down at the boys and said he’s in a better place now, the room went dark and the boys looked at each other and Reid said better place what does that mean, John agreed yea what does that mean and then Jake responded with guys know need to worry I sure he just moved. The bell rang and the new teacher Mr. Erikison said students take your seats and we can go around the room and share a little something about ourselves. He looked around the room and said Jake what is something about you. Jake said hey guys sports and things that need solving, Mr.Erikson grew a grin and said thank you.

It was the period 8 and the boys were planning on hanging out at Ryan’s house after school to play some video games and work on there homework. Jake asked Miss Caron if he could use the washroom and she said, of course, Jake you may go. has Jake was to the washroom he heard a voice down the old hallway where no one was allowed to go and he saw Mr. Erikson on the phone and he said I am getting to know these kids and then we can move on the next step, Jake said quietly next step I knew there was something fishy going on and he said I must tell the others as he started backing up and he ran into a pole and it made a huge noise then Jake got down so Mr.Erikson and the teacher said who is there and then he hung up snd said we will talk when I get home.

Jake had arrived back to class and the boys asked him where he had been and he said guys I heard Mr.Erikson on the phone and I think he has something to do with Mr.soils disappearance. Hey after school we should go to Ryan’s then when it gets Dark we should go to Mr.Erikson’s house and see what he is up to, the friends thought about it and agreed. They would go to Ryan’s after school and then go see what the new teacher was doing. School had ended and the boys had been at Ryan’s for a bit just staring at the clock waiting till it had become dark. Finally, the time had come to go see what he was up to the boys snuck out of the house and ran threw the woods to get across town faster. The boys were walking and they heard a creaky noise they stoped they seen a man in black walking towards them the boys ran up the hill and hid behind a rock, the man stopped as he thought someone was watching him and then he went into a bunker that no one else could find but him and he went down there, the boys waited for a few minutes waiting to make sure that no one else was going to show up, no one showed up so the boys made their way down there but there was a lock so Reid picked the lock and the boys went down making sure he wouldn’t here them. As the boys approached the middle of the bunker they saw Mr.Soil tide up to a chair and Mr.Erikson was pointing a gun at him and the boys ran toward it a bang the gun had gone off the boys had tackled Mr. Erikson and got Mr. Soil untied from the chair and the called the police and Mr.Erikson the police have been looking for him for years and you young fellows caught him weel done and the boys and Mr.Soil would join the Grade 8 class the next day.

Mr. Erikson would go to jail for the rest of his life and the boys would go back to having the nice teacher there not the criminal one and the boys wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore as they go back to the way things used to be. Mr. Erikson was a murder and never seen again, that was the mysteries on the first day of school.

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