Borders: Thomas King October 14, 2014

Borders assignment 


Simple sentence: Just like I told you.

Compound  sentence: I hadn’t seen Laetitia in a long time, and I have never been to Salt Lake city.

Complex sentence: Coyote went fishing, one day.

Parallel sentence: 

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Sunrise on the Veld-Poem October 3, 2014


I was free

Nothing could stop me now

I was young

No one could defeat me

Suddenly it all rose in him

Yelling mad with the joy of living

I was fifteen!

The words were new to me

I felt like making a challenge

I could win anything now

I felt the years of my life in my hands

I was free

I was young


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Sunrise on the Veld-Questions

His first thoughts were curiosity and cautiousness as he approached an unknown object that was wriggling. He then felt awe and terror as he realized it was simply a buck being eaten by ants. One night I once saw glaring red eyes looking at me from one of our abandoned sheds. I carefully approached it with my single shot rifle. I then got closer to it and realized it was reflectors on my red bicycle. I didn’t know what I felt so I decided to just leave it.

He doesn’t shoot the buck because he knew that it would simply be an unnecessary discharge of ammunition. After an animal dies or comes very close to dying, their nerves do what they are programmed to do when they are alive so that is why the animal is still moving, and seems like its alive.

He feels concerned about why and how the small animal died and he thought that the next day he would go back to the bush and think about it.

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