Dear 100 year old Derek, February 9, 2015

Dear 100 year old Derek,

Hello, I know that while you’re reading this that you probably won’t listen to a dumb teenage version of yourself, but I might as well give you some info on how life was like back then in the early 2000’s, and some predictions I have of your life. The

I bet you have changed lots during the 100 years and you may have changed opinions during your years of experience. I’m gonna tell you your opinions back when you were 14. You strongly believe that world peace is highly unobtainable and that it might have some other consequences, but that doesn’t mean you were entirely cold hearted. By the way, in the future has their been a large influx of foreign workers? I heard that the numbers are supposed increase greatly in the next few decades.

You probably don’t quite remember what life was like back in the early 2000’s but it can be described using a few simple words. Selfie, ratchet, hashtag, and YOLO. You strongly disliked basically all of these things because you were very stubborn towards changes like that, but nonetheless you still had fun. Life was very fast paced

I have a few predictions on what my future has in stock for me and hopefully you fulfilled them. Back then your favorite car was obviously a 69′ Pontiac Firebird. So I’m sure you have owned this fine vehicular machine sometime in your life. Hey maybe your driving a floating mustang with hover jets. If that’s the case just stick with the firebird.

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