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Romeo and Juliet: Before you Read- Derek Hryciuk February 4, 2016

Is it really possible to choose who you love? Most people have an idea of what kind of person they would want to be with, but not exactly who they want to be with. Some people we love we have no choice but to love, such as our parents, or other really close people, because we have been with them for a while. After a certain age, it gets really difficult to love someone new.

Now I do not believe in love at first sight, because that is the same as seeing a burger you really want on your friends table. You may want it, but you do not already love it. Mainly because you don’t actually know if you’ll love it or not. Love is something you know, or have spent time with, like your grandmas home-made cookies.

I’m sure all of us have read the age-old story theme of two lovers being held back by a certain force, whether that force be their parents, distance, or themselves. Love is something that has no boundaries, unless you let it have boundaries. Love is only restricted by what we think it is restricted by. Love cannot be held back by your family. Even if your parents forbid your love, it is still there, and will only become stronger. It’s like a mold spore that way. If you leave it there without dealing with it, it will only spread, multiply, and infest into every corner of the house that is your heart. Until eventually the mold gets so bad you just have to leave your house and deal with your love.

Pyramus and Thisbe have this theme. They both grew up beside each other. Having spent so many years right next to each other, they grew to love each other. This wasn’t the ‘burger you really want’ kind of love. It was the ‘Grandmothers cookies’ kind of love. Pyramus and Thisbe’s love were both covered up and they had to leave it alone because their parents forbade that love. Just like the mold, their love infested the corners of their heart and just couldn’t stand it any longer so they left, and decided to further pursue their love. Other examples include Romeo and Juliet¬†and The Notebook


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