Barney-Will Stanton April 19, 2016

How did you respond to the surprise ending? What has happened? What was the foreshadowing of this plot twist?- The end plot twist really wasn’t that much of a surprise to me, considering how it really made the rat appear. The story writer, or the scientist, only saw the rat how he wanted to see the rat. He looked at the rat as a hero when he saw it snickering as he climbed up a dangerously frayed rope. He looked at the rat jokingly when it escaped and ditched the key in the well, which is right where Barney, the rat, wanted the scientist. There was a few details hinting towards Barney, being the real bad guy. From the sloppy job of framing Tayloe of poisoning him, to Barney dropping the key down the well. The rat had the scientist exactly where he wanted him. It is uncertain on what Barney’s real motivation was, but we can infer that Barney was doing it, over a simple matter of a young rat, wanting to be alone with some young girls, thinking he will find happiness that way.

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