Anne Hart-The Friday Everything Changed- April 25, 2016

What qualities make this story entertaining? Does it have a significant message for readers?


This story really appeals to us because it tells us how we got to where we are today. This story takes place in a time where gender stereotypes were accepted, and the treatment of both genders was based on these stereotypes. For example women were looked at as the weaker sex, and people had no problem telling them that. Even women believed that themselves. Now, however, it is much harder to find people openly accepting this stereotype.

I believe the message behind this story is that women are stereotyped, and that gender should not decide what kind of person you are. Men and women are biologically different, and for the most part, have different characteristics. However even with some pretty big differences, they should still be treated equal to each other. For example in the story it tells us the basic stereotype, boys are stronger than girls. For the most part, that is true, and in the story it is pretty obvious that they are. However the boys do not treat the girls as their equals. They are only looking at how they are better than the girls, instead of looking at how they are similar, or what the girls might be better at than boys. Maybe the girls are getting better grades than the guys in their class. You should not be looking at someones sex to judge what a person is like. Even though there is some actual differences between men and women, they can easily be overridden by an individual. There is women that are stronger than a lot of men, for example. Many people bring in the wage gap to support that there is discrimination among the genders. I think this is more of an individual discrimination. The common statistic  that women make 78 cents per a mans dollar, is a very wide and low detailed census. This doesn’t take into account women majors, and the experience level that women lose due to maternity or parental leave. Statistics show some women also take more vacations and days off. In general I don’t think the wage gap is based on gender, rather individuals.

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