Wild Horses-Brian Fawcett April 29, 2016

Our family has two horses. One me and one for my sister. It’s too bad our lame little brothers don’t like horses as much as we do, otherwise maybe our parents would buy another one for us. First, there is Jane. She’s my horse. She is a small, brown and white pinto, miniature pony, and blonde trimmings. However, unlike her small size, she has a big attitude. Broken fence posts, shattered barn window, and I can’t even count the amount of lead ropes she frayed up. Jane is a trouble maker. My horse actually resembles me quite a bit. I’ve been told many times that I have quite the big attitude, and that I can be quite the trouble maker. Whatever trouble me and my sister get in, I’m usually considered the instigator. My sisters horse, Skeeter, is quite the contrary. Skeeter is an older mare, nearing 26 years old. She is an old blue roan, and has never caused trouble in her life. Skeeter is gentle, and always a pleasant ride, and is almost never spooked by anything. Skeeter is just like my sister, now that I think about it. My sister always avoided doing anything that would get her in serious trouble. We got Skeeter from our Aunt Joanne, so she has been with us for a pretty long time. Joanne used to do barrel racing and other gymkhana events, and you can see that history in how sore she appears to be all the time. I was planning on taking Jane in some cart events, so that she has something useful to do, since I can’t ride her anymore. That seems to be the way horses are, they always mirror their partner, in my case, Jane mirrored me, and in my sisters case, Skeeter mirrored her.


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