Scripture Reading September 6, 2016

Luke 14:25-33

This Gospel story talks about those who can start a foundation, and end up not completing it because they didn’t sit down and estimate costs, and the materials required for the job. Those who started and didn’t finish. It means that in order to fully connect with God, you can’t sometimes follow his will, you have to devote your entire life to his will. Jesus is saying that you can’t ever go halfway, and if you aren’t fully ready to practice his will, don’t start. That is the reason becoming a Catholic as an adult is such a lengthy process.

It easily relates to our school renovations, because the contractors came across loads of problems and time that they didn’t plan for. There wasn’t enough planning, communication and research into the building they were working on, so they started, and then essentially stopped and slowed down, because they didn’t plan for the extra time due to people being unavailable, among other complications.  The problem is that there is always things that will go wrong, that they couldn’t plan for. So it only appears that they didn’t have a plan. Something as big as rebuilding an old school, will be very hard to plan for.


Luke 15:1-32

All 3 of these stories are about something being lost, in these cases a mutton, a coin, and a son, that were all found again, and the people who lost them rejoiced. In all of them it is talking about how there is far more reason to rejoice after finding something lost, than not losing it in the first place. Take this as an example, would you be happier after finding your child after searching for them after 6 months, or are you happier now?

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