Dear Future boyfriend

Well in case I ever get a boyfriend, he would have to fit my criteria to what a guy is suppose to be like for me. Must be have abs but has to be hot as well.  He should be tall and have brown hair and have straight teeth because people with crooked teeth are not as hot.

Enough of what he looks like now, focus on the other parts of him, like he has to have lots of money to buy me gifts. Take me on nice vacations and buy me jewelry. He should be very strong but has also at times, he has to be gentle and nice. He would also have to be funny and tell me jokes. My boyfriend should be athletic and love to ride horses and should always be nice to my family. He must talk to them kind and try get along with my friends. My boyfriend has to be smart.

I know these expectations are a bit over the top but I think I can make a few adjustments to my expectations. I hope one thing is that he will fight for me no matter what, if is parents say he cant’t see me. I Hope he will fight to see me. As long as he gets me and likes me for who I am, I can deal with a few changes. Hope I find that guy one day.

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