A Door Stood Open!

In the scripture reading that John told a message. With “code names” he used, some people may interpret this differently but the way I interpret this message is John is trying to send us a message.

Around the throne there was twenty-four elders dressed in white robes with golden crowns on their head. What does that sentence mean? The throne is a place where they can? I think it’s a way that they can pray to God, ask for forgiveness. The throne can represent power to whoever is there, whoever sits in the chair on the throne has the most power to the people. People who believe in the throne can see the throne and go sit on the throne with God.

Lots of people think that numbers are just used for math but in the the message John is trying teach us, he uses the number 24 out of all the numbers why the number 24? John said in his message that 24 elders were seated around the throne. When that sentence is mentioned I think it has to do with double the disciplines.

The seven spirits of God are Wisdom,Understanding,Counsel,Knowledge, Fortitude, Piety, Fear of the Lord. Are the gifts of God. There is one more the greatest of all Love. Love is the greatest of all because you need love too have all the other seven gifts. If you don’t have one of these you can’t have any.

There are four living creatures he tells us about one that looks like a lion. One like a human, one like an ox, and one eagle. What do all these creatures mean. Creatures are different from human so why would they have a animal with the face of a human. Why would an ox be there and an eagle. A lion could be there because it is the king of the jungle, so the Lord could think it was the strongest and the bravest. The eagle can fly through the air with passing the holy spirit. People have different opinions.

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