Qualities of Friendship

Qualities of a a human, is something important that lots of people need to learn, their different qualities. These qualities make you who, you are as a human and can affect who your friends with. I would say the most important qualities that a friend should have is, honesty, fearless and supportive.

Honesty is something, that everyone needs. You need to be honest with yourself, before you can be honest with others. People who lie, to themselves, usually lie to others. When you lie, it can make a friendship, really unsteady and can jeopardize, your connection with that person. A quote by  Benjamin Franklin “Honesty is the best policy”


You always have that one friend who is fearless, and for some reason is always in trouble. I think that fearless is a pretty amazing trait for someone to have, they may have actions that are not always the best but, they always make sure people are having fun. When you don’t think twice before doing an adventure, that is fearless.


When you are having a rough day, you need someone to support you through your rough times. That person is a friend, who always make sure your happy. They support you through exams, sports and even family issues. Being supportive is the best qualities, that a friend could have, they are always their for you.

Honesty, fearless, supportive are all spectacular qualities that  friend should have. You should find a friend, who is honest, fearless and supportive and make sure you never lose him/her.  Once you find that one friend who always believes in you and you know is honest with you, never lose them, and always hang on to them.


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