What does it mean to be human?

Humans can adapt to their living environment and we can create fire. Now think, is there any other animal who can create fire, I don’t think there is. Fire, is what we use to keep warm, and how we cook food in the wild. I guarantee right now you, are thinking about, how humans can only make fire, but we also have thought. Thought is an idea that you think about in your mind. Thought is something that can turn very powerful, toward yourself and even others if you decide to say it out loud. Thought can connect to your potential of yourself and other humans. When you strive out to do something, and you don’t succeed at first, then you try again, which is called potential. Humans as far as I know, have potential and no other creatures do.


Affection towards other humans can be felt as love of pain. Humans choose to feel affection or not to, they can feel pain or not. When someone loves us, we can choose to love them back or we can choose, not to feel that love and ignore it. When we ignore the fact that someone, loves you, it can change how you view yourself as a person, but also how other people view you. This also goes along with pain, you choose if you want to feel that pain, of someone hurting you, or you can make that choice, not to care about the pain you are actually going through.


Humans can choose to be human, but they can also choose not to be human. Humans can refuse to have nature towards other humans and to themselves. When a human decides for some reason to start a school shooting, that is choosing not to be human. The shooting in the USA at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14. This story, is a great example on how humans refuse to be humans. Why would someone want to go into a school and start shooting? I can’t connect the dots here, but there are many possible reasons why, they could have a mental disorder or they could have had bad memories at this school.


Understanding, is something that only humans can do, they understand why they are humans and why we have to go to school. Understanding that we are different from other humans and how we all don’t share the same hobby. Humans all understand that people believe in different faiths and that they can all be different shapes and sizes. Children understand that they need to listen to their parents, teachers, etc. They need to make sure they go to bed when they are told to and do their homework. One idea that humans don’t understand is why people will murder people. That’s one reaction that we may not understand, but for the most part, humans understand why we do what we do.



Humans are unique creatures, and we can do many activities, that other animals can’t. We can adopt to are new culture, and make it so we are comfortable. We can show affection towards other, either pain or love. We can feel to choose pain and we can choose to feel love. We understand why we feel, what we feel, there are many different reasons, on why we feel what we do. This is what it means to be human.

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