Easter in Greece

Greece is a religious country that are grade elevens, twelve and other parents got to go on. This trip was organized by Mr.Macmillan and Mrs. Macmillan. The classes had went there during are Easter break and they had seen how the Greeks celebrate Easter. They found that there was many similarities, on Friday they can’t eat meat only fish. They although have similarities they also have differences, on Holy Thursday the people of Greece bring flowers to the Church and lay them on a bed that Jesus is on.  Official state religion (Greek orthodox church). Similar week to catholic church but people all bring flowers to the church on Holy Thursday. They use the flowers and decorate the bed that they lie Jesus on. Then on friday they carry Jesus through the streets

There is a Sacred place called Patmos, (St.John received revelations), this place is a huge deal for christians. There are many people build their own church in their yard even though in saturn there is 700 churches. Priests sings the mass on Thursday (21 readings on Thursday). You don’t have to be in the church to hear everything because there is speakers outside the church. Everyone stands for the entire mass except the very elderly. People just walk around the church when mass is going on. St.Paul important to the Grease people. Lots of candle lighting in church (for someone they care about).

Greek church a helicopter came from military air base from Jerusalem with the first candle that was lit on Easter. The flames then are put all over Greece. Then parade after the flame is lit, the stroke of midnight people are standing outside the church. Tug boat guys handed out candles to everyone. People don’t cheer when they go up the mountain, and then they announce christ is risen and light all the candles. There is lots of different homemade candles and the challenge is to take the candle back to your house and light on of your own candles and this is brings good luck (have a good year). You will not see in greece orthodox church is a 3 dimensional pictures. On March 25 in Greek independence day and there is no recorded music or instruments ( all voice).

Stroke of midnight fireworks (all churches let off fireworks at the same time)  Explosions on the street and just blow up. On Easter Thursday the floor of every chapel is decorated with palm leaves. Saturday they decorate the path with lavador only in Patmos.

Teenagers waiting outside the church would light fireworks outside the church before midnight . Judas trees were blooming. Kids play soccer while church is on and every temple in Greece doors open east. Easter Thursday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Easter Sunday feast is a lamb. All the cats belonged to the city and dogs believes its God is man but cats know there is a God. The people like the cats

In the Greece orthodox church no meats of any kind or fish, 7 days before the Eucharists. Easter Saturday they can eat seafood but not fish. No chicken farm. Halva is like what’s inside a chocolate bar. Easter donuts taste like Greek bannock  The Symbol of Greek church is the eagle. Act 17: Paul in Athens speech to the unknown God. There is Lots of flower stores Bier is the coffin they laid Jesus on. Greek Monastery being a Priests in Greece is being a part time job. Red eggs that were being cracked and they had Jubilee doors. Grease sounds amazing.

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