Important Qualities of a Political Leader

Those people that are country vote in are known as Political Leaders. Justin Trudeau is one of the main Political Leaders in are country, and looking at him we can establish some of the qualities it takes to be a strong leader. Starting with integrity, this quality is the ability to be honest and being able to honor different principles. What this means is you need to be true to yourself, for others to respect you in the world of being a Political Leader.

Honesty is what comes to play after integrity, after you are true towards yourself, you can then start to be true towards others. Politicians who can’t be honest to the people that they are convincing  to vote for them, are not going to get the votes and then they may be out of the running for whatever they were trying to accomplish.

The biggest quality that a politician should have is compassion. No one wants a leader who has no compassion towards his/her people. When World War two broke out, this left all the people in shock, William Lyon Mackenzie King was the Prime Minister at the time and he needed to make sure that he was being compassionate towards his own people, and for this he kept everyone calm and wanting him to stay as the Prime Minster.

Confidence is a another big quality, that the leaders of the past and today. A leader not only needs to be confident in herself but also the ability to lead others. Getting up and talking to all the people who are going to maybe going to vote for that new leader.  There is ways that different leaders can be confident, some feel that they can just get up in front of a crowd and start talking but there are others who will take months to prepare, and they will have everything memorized word for word.
Flexibility is one that many voters may not think is important but it truly is. Those leaders who can change for other voters and who can manage the time with different tasks and respond to voters to make most of the voters happy. You will never make everyone happy in the world, but you can try to make most of them happy or a try to get them on the political leaders side, they need to  be flexible in the ways they work to achieve what they choose to achieve.
Different qualities make different leaders, the five qualities that are above integrity, honesty, compassion, confidence and flexibility. These are all something that I look for with different leaders, not just political leaders but even just 4-H leaders. These are important to have, qualities.


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