Quotable Quote

Beast from the water, is the name of the chapter, the chapter focuses on Ralph trying to make the island more about business and less about fun. Piggy steps up in the early part of the meeting, saying “life is scientific”, this is trying to show that he has knowledge to understand what Ralph and Jack talk about, and this is one of the few smart ideas he has. Life is scientific has different view points especially where the author has Piggy saying that, he is trying to get Ralph to calm down, at this point the book, the characters are laughing at Ralph for trying to get business done instead of fun.

Piggy is trying to prove that he is someone who is strong and can have an opinion towards how these boys are going to stay alive on the island. Representing that life is an example of a laboratory. Scientists conduct experiments and that is what we as humans are involved in, one big experiment. Robert Lanza tried to figure out who are humans, and he asks the question “who are we”. These boys on the island are trying to stay alive, and to do this they need to have someone in charge, Piggy is trying to show them a way to reason as they talk about the beast. Looking through the times that Piggy has tried to have a say in an argument, this is the most words he has got in without being told to shut up by Jack.

Looking through every idea that the author comes up with and every challenge he has given the boys, I think he tried really hard to make Piggy stand out at this point in the book. The author is showing us that during the war, all the soldiers were using new scientific ways to try and defeat each other, they both are standing up for their country. Piggy s trying to show that he is trying to convince Jack and Ralph that they can find scientific ways to get them off the island, without killing each other.


These boys stuck on an island, are trying not to kill each other, they all want to live. Piggy is trying to help everyone live, because he tried to get everyone to settle down and think of life as scientific. Piggy is trying to show Jack and Ralph that he can be jeer, He can use his voice to express his opinion and give thoughts in all their different problems, building the huts or even trying to keep the conch as a symbol of power.  The conch lost its power, because they no longer use it to call meetings and Piggy wants the conch to stay in power, he wants to still have a voice when it comes to discussions.

Strong and wise Piggy saying Life is Scientific, he wants to show that he can be useful in decision making. Piggy may not be the most intelligent character but him saying this quote he is showing that he is learning how to become involved with what all the other boys are doing. Piggy us trying very hard to become apart of the excitement on the island and the other boys don’t want him but his saying that quote proves he is worthy to live and that he does know what he is doing. Piggy is trying to show that he is compatible, he has affection towards others and that he can be a problem solver. These all help with the boys trying to stay alive on the island, then they can all go home and see their family. Life is Scientific is a huge turning point, in this book, it shows how strong and smart Piggy actually is, they boys need Piggy to help them survive.


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