After taking the quiz, it more fully embraced my career choice in the medical field. I was surprised to see my second option, they thought, was was languages. My third consisted of language arts. These very different options all makeup different careers I could pursue in.


The medical field, or physical education, is the number one suggestion they had for me with my quiz. I wasn’t very surprised to see that because I would like to be a doctor. “Physical Education courses help you understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics may include: Sports, Wellness and Health Sciences.” – myBlueprint: Who Am I. Being in the medical field would allow me to help others, which is something I full-heartedly would like to pursue. I also do believe and support healthy living. Getting exercise, eating well, clean hygiene etc. is something I wish others would also participate in. Of course, I’m not saying you’re never allowed to eat popcorn or a chocolate bar, or never have a lazy day by just relaxing. I’m saying, being involved in organized sports, and not eating greasy pizza every day is a healthy choice.


As a second option they believed I should maybe look into, was a language career. I was more surprised to see that. Although I like learning other languages and believe other people should be able to speak them, I dislike when other people are yelling their different language. I do not like yelling or speaking that alternative language in an English majority place. People have the right to speak the other language, I am just most bothered when they yell their language. I would like to learn multiple languages and be bilingual or multilingual. That I believe, is interesting. Many people are racist towards people for speaking a different way communication. I do not believe in racism. It is very hard in this society, to not get caught up in their dissimilar thoughts.


The third I am most surprised because it is a career in language arts. I wasn’t sure that I am interested in this subject as a future career. I enjoy reading and writing, but I didn’t think I was extremely good at it. I also didn’t believe I could make a living out of it. Sometimes grammatical and punctuation errors occur in my writing. This lowers my mark. I am working hard to fix this issue of mine. I am surprised I got language arts as an option because of these reasons.


Taking the myBlueprints knowledge test allowed me to re-confirm that I would like to work in the physical education area, like a doctor, as a career. I was astonished to see that they suggested languages as a second option. And more surprised to see language arts. As an eager learner, I am constantly trying to work towards something I want, or being intrigued by new, exciting ideas.

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