As I am interested in the medical field, I looked at various positions. The survey’s I took were suggested ones from my survey’s. Family Physician, Physical Therapist, and Anesthesiologist were the different occupation matches I took. I enjoyed looking at them all, which confused me more about which specific career I want to pursue in. They all seemed like careers I could very well see myself in and enjoying being there every day.


The Family Physician was the first one I looked at. The low wage was low, but the middle and high were well. ($54K- 327K). I would need to go to university to be able to peruse in this career. Bachelor’s degree in science, graduation from approved medical school, two-three years of family medicine residency training, completion of the qualifying examinations of the Medical Council of Canada, and licensing from provincial authority are the requirements of Family Physician. If I wanted to go to school in Alberta, I could attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton or the University of Calgary. Studying in their medicine programs is where I would receive my education.


Physical Therapists was another occupation search I looked at. Their salary is similar to a Family Physician. ($31K- 119K). I need to go to university as well. After getting a physiotherapy degree, I would be going through a supervised practical training. Then, I am required to get a license. Some additional testing is required sometimes. Since staying in Alberta is required, there are two schools I could attend. The University of Alberta in Edmonton where I could study in the Radiation therapy class. The other is Mount Royal University in Calgary where I would receive a Bachelor in Health and Physical Health- Athletic Therapy, through hard work.


I looked at Anesthesiologist next. The salary of an Anesthesiologist is higher compared to that of the other two (Anesthesiologist salary is between $61K- 427K). University is again needed for the in-school educational portion. A Bachelor of Science degree is needed. Graduating from an approved medical school is going to be needed. Completion of the examinations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and Licensing by the provincial certification. Specialty residency training for four or five years, and then an additional two years for specialty residency. The potential schools I can attend are in the University of Alberta in Edmonton and the University of Calgary. I would be studying medicine in both.


The medical field is a great place to work, in my opinion. I looked at three various and distinct careers during this exercise. The Family Physician was the one I believed I was strongly looking at. The Physical Therapist, I think is the least likely to be pursued in by my personal, of the three. An anesthesiologist is another great choice I could see my future self-pursuing in. My career choice is still not fully decided, but I know, through hard work, I will be in the medical field of my choice.

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