The expression honesty is the best policy, is one I live by when looking for friends. A friend that is able to tell you your outfit looks bad, or that your hair looks good, is someone I want in my life. I couldn’t imagine having a friendship without honesty.


Good listeners are also needed in my life because I tend to tell stories about my eventful life. Listening to my terrible jokes is also something my friends have to suffer with. My angry stories are the ones I need my friends to listen to so I am not telling a stranger about them.

Looking for a caring friend is another must. I need someone who can pick me back up after a rough day, or week. My friends are able to do that. Whether it be through their funny jokes, getting me small little gifts, or even just spending time with me. Friends like that are what everyone needs.


A sense of humour at all, and you can be laughing with me, or at me. My stories tend to be embarrassing and often tend to put my friends in tears from laughing so hard. Though my jokes are terrible, people laugh at them anyways. I need a friend to laugh at my joke because it was so terrible.

My friends have these qualities, along with many more, which is why I enjoy spending time with them. Their abilities to be honest and listen to me, or the caring personalities they have. Laughing with me, or at me, is something my friends are also able to do.

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