Over the past couple days, I really learned what being human is all about. Parts of our make up, all us to be similar to rocks, carrots, as well as animals. The parts that make us different is why we are not carrots.


Minerals is a synonym for rock. These objects vary in size all the time. Having some, or a lot of, weight is a characteristic by all of these minerals. A synonym for weight is mass. All of the rocks have a charge because they are made up of matter. Unless you have seen an alive rock, walking around and breathing,  the following statement is correct: every single rock in the universe is inert. Inert means to be non-living.

Carrots have some characteristics similar to that of a rock. They are different than a rock for more than just physical features. Carrots have weight/ mass, and have a charge, but how many rocks been able to reproduce? None, because they do not have life. Carrots however do have life and can reproduce to keep the carrot population around for many more years. Carrots are also able to grow. Carrots take water and nutrients in through their roots, and sunlight through the leaves above ground. Carrots are then able to create food. Though carrots have life, they are passive.

The objective qualities of a bunny would be the same as carrots for a few of them. They have weight/mass, have a charge, life, grow, take food, and reproduce. Bunnies are different from carrots for one because bunnies are active creatures. Rabbits are also slave to fate. This means that they aren’t able to be anything but a rabbit. Communication is also common between bunnies, but not talking like humans. Instead they show affection and sense pain. They also sense danger, can feel, and have self defense.

Humans have the objective qualities of all three of the previous. Humans have weight/mass, have a charge, life, grow, take food, can reproduce, active, communication, feel pain and affection, and have self defense abilities. Adaptation, like building a fire to keep warm, or making clothing out of fur. Having a soul is something else in us. Our souls were created during conception. The ability to think separates us and animals on the planet. Animals are slave to fate, humans can refuse to be human. They can act like animals, switch gender, etc. Humans have a conscience. A conscience is something in your brain telling you if something is right or wrong. Some synonyms are soul, self, spirit, and I. Humans have the ability to understand. This means we figured out the meaning of what is trying to be said or felt. Cerebral cortex is the layer the protects your brain, holding it in, and keeps different objects out.

Humans are different than our bunny companions. This is an obvious just by looking at the difference but as you break them down you notice that there are many characteristics that are unlike. Bunnies are carrots are the dissimilar, and so are carrots and rocks unlike.

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