Being whole means having all our body parts, like all our fingers, hands, feet, legs, arms, brain, etc. This allows us to not be partially or even fully disabled. People want to be “whole” by this context. Rather than having a missing limb. Some people become depressed when they lose a body part.


He is describing him objectively because he was going to work like an day, when he lost his hand unexpectedly. He used to be able to work since he had two hands. SInce he lost one his, he is unable to work, and has to learn to do even the most basic tasks with one hand.


After the first nine lines, the poems feelings change. It’s changing from the man losing his hand to wanting him to have that hand back. He wants to feel the warm of the hand, the whole hand, he wants to see the hand hold his mothers hand. The poem shifted to a feeling a love in which he was able to have the hand back for loving, not working purposes.


The speaker understates the loss of the limb, in the beginning. The man didn’t have his feelings expressed during the poem. In the beginning of the poem, he should have used more emotion to show what was happening with the man’s feelings. Losing a loved one, or possibly close to losing one, doesn’t make people worry about the costs of it. The middle part in which he talked about the money compensated for the loss of the limb should be removed. Limbs and lives don’t have a value; he should have focused one the love aspect.


Which lines or phrases do you think express what the speaker is feeling most powerfully?  “give my father’s hands as they were in the beginning, whole, open, warm and without fear” is the part in the poem I believe expresses his feelings towards his father. He is describing the hand as he wishes they were. The author has strong feelings towards this part because he wants his father to have his pure, existing hands.


What is the significance of the title? There is a large significance in the title as in the last stanza of the poem, he talks about wanting his father’s hands before they were broken, and needing an insurance for each loss of finger, or limb. He wants them back to before where they held the authors mother. The author wants them uncalloused. So, the title As in the Beginning is a string title; very relevant to the poem.

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