making a pretty website

Changing the theme and widgets for your site

  1. go to the appearance option on the left side of the iblog homepage once your mouse is on it a mini selection menu will appear, click customize.
  2. once you are on the customization page, there will be a menu on the left side of the screen, this is your customization list. On the top there will be a “change” option, press on that to change your theme.
  3. there is other customize options in the list like: site identity, colours, header image and so on. Select the widget option on that list.
  4. select sidebar and a new list will appear. At the bottom of that list there will be a reorder and an add widget option. This is how you change your widgets. You might need to activate a few “plugins” but Ill tell you how.

    activating a plugin jQuery colorbox

    1.  On the left side bar of your iblog dashboard, there is a list of options. Browse through the list and you will see that plugin option, select that option.
    2.  There will be a  list of all the available plugins to activate. On the top right on this list there will be a big search bar that says “search installed plugins”. This is where you search for your specific plugin.
    3. When searching for the plugins you must have the relatively specific name for the plugin or else it might not show up when it is searched. If you search a plugin such as jQuery Colorbox you have to make sure that you spell it correctly and have the letters that need to be capitalized are and the ones that are supposed to be lowercase are, or it might not show After searching it and the correct one that your looking for shows up then there should be a blue activate option below the name of the plugin, if that is the one that you want to activate then click activate. It may take a second to activate but when it does you will be all set up. If you ever want to deactivate a plugin that you previously activated the you should go to the deactivate option at the top left of the plugins page and in that list there will now be a deactivate option below the name of it, click it and you will deactivate that particular plugin. That is how you activate and deactivate a plugin such as jQuery Colorbox.



    1. Go to the same appearance option that you went to for both the customizing how to guides before this one. Like it to open the customizing page one again.
    2. There should be the same list of customize option that should seem a little bit more familiar to you by now. At the top of the list under the active theme option you should see a site identity option, click on it.
    3. This is where you will change the title and tagline of you iblog. You will see the title and then an either empty or auto filled box below the word title. Click that auto filled space and name it something that is appropriate and personal to you.
    4. Below the box where you put the title of your blog there will be the word tagline and an already automatically filled box below it that probably says “Just another STJ blog”. Delete this auto filled sentence and change it to whatever you think suits you better, whether it be one of your favorite short quotes or even just any little statement that you think would be cool. You an also leave the tagline how it was with the auto fill but I would recommend personalizing it so that your blog looks and feels more like it is your own personal site. This is how you change the title and tagline of your iblog site.



    1. When changing or setting a Gravatar ( a.k.a profile picture) first you should see if you have a WordPress account. If you don’t have an account I’m sure it will work and if not you will need to set one up. If you already have one, or if you don’t I’m sure you can still do this. Go to the top right of your dashboard site where there should be a quote or some type of sentence that has your name at the end of it. one you are there a few options should pop up below that sentence.
    2. Click on the edit profile option and one the page loads you have to scroll down until you find the words profile picture on the left side of the page you have been scrolling through. it might say ” you can change your profile picture with Gravatar”. The word Gravatar should be a blue hyperlink, click on it and it will take you to the WordPress page. Click sign in and see if you already have an account, if you don’t you will have to set one up.
    3. If you have an account already set up then you just have to log in to that account and after logging in or connecting it to your google account then it will automatically take you to your manage Gravatar page where you can change, remove or add photos that with Gravatar. The page you will be looking for should look like the image below.


my custom sweater

This is a picture i drew.

This is the same photo i drew, but it is live traced on adobe illustrator. The pink you see on the edge is my cutline. The cutline is necessary for when I print the image, so the printer knows where to cut.

these is a link to a guide to making a cutline.

after the cutline you areready to print!


this is the final product


Fanboy troll

This is a fanboy troll, I made this because of all the frustrated glances I receive from true fans of these sacred productions.

Frustrating innit?

I made this with imgflip.

I searched for the image on the search bar on the top right

then type in the empty boxes and it will automagically appear on the photo

it is easy to move the text boxes.

Bucket list


I made a bucket list because if I recognize my goals, that is one step closer to completing them

My bucket list is as follows:
-Go skydiving
-Stand in a waterfall
-Go in a hot air balloon
-Go to the Atlanta Aquarium
-Tame a shark
-Meet Donald


I made this list by going to “GET FUNKY” I got the images from “PIXABAY

To input images press the “…” tab

this is where all your selected photos are

click on “PIXABAY” search for the image needed and browse the selection displayed out for you, some images will not be found due to copyright issues and/or the fact that these are “family friendly” photos.

When you select the images you desire they will appear on the photo selection box

when this happens you can move and place them with relative ease anywhere you wish

When finished you can select the save tab to save the file

Adobe Photoshop, Meme change

This is a popular meme. I used this particular image because the ridiculousness gifted me a chuckle, so I altered it.

Using the lasso tool on Adobe Photoshop I selected a particular part of the image i wished to alter.

The man in the photo is the part I selected, I Then proceeded to press the image tab on the bar above

after that I selected colour balance

I fiddled with the colours for a bit before deciding on a purple colour. Next I wanted to change the background, so I went on the same tab as before^ and changed the background to an amber-ish colour.

This image has been distributed as a meme, therefore it is able to be used copyright-free.





Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld

Juxtaposition: Is the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect. Doris Lessing used this technique when he compared pity and terror, to describe what the boy felt towards the buck  being eaten alive.

Personification: Was used multiple times throughout this short story, but my favorite use of personification in this story is the first one. His mind had outwitted the clock, a clock can’t be outwitted for it contains no wit.

Simile: Alert as an animal, he crept past the window. This is the simile used in this short story.

Alliteration: He smiled scornfully. this is the alliteration used in this short story.

Symbolism: Counting marbles, each marble representing years he has lived.


Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Vigilant: I like the idea of being ready for anything, being relaxed knowing you can’t be surprised or blindsided by anything.

Luxury: There is a paradox in luxury, to gain the privilege of luxury you need persistent will and effort, but when you gain luxury you lose those things, causing you to fail maintaining luxury.

Sulkily: When he was all done, after the buck was well dead, he still felt sad. He kicked at the bones sulkily wondering what to do next, an existential crisis if you will.

Trickles: The context is for ants trickling away into the grass, it made me think of a great evil coming and destroying something in a matter of seconds, then disappearing  in a matter of seconds.

Sockets: The contexts was empty eye sockets. Eyes are what perceive all the beauty in the world, all the colors, all the faces. When the eyes are gone, almost all the light is gone, all the people are gone, all the life is gone. I couldn’t live with empty eye sockets.

An emotional landscape

Everyday when I walked my dog
his name was Oreo, a white dog with black splotches
eyes darkened with kindness

Everyday I walked to the same place
Over the barbed wire
across the miniature forest of old trees
and onto the patio, stones scorched by the sun

A long forgotten playground
there once was too much, now there is none
everyday I walked to the same place